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  Plumbing the depths of the twitterstream and keeping our feet dry.  

What’s Hot

Top-Ten lists are passé—ours goes to 11. These are the top titles that folks are interested in currently, along with their rank from last month. This is based solely on direct sales from our online store.

1^NEWiOS SDK Development
2^NEWSeven Databases in Seven Weeks
3^NEWLean from the Trenches
44Agile Web Development with Rails
55Mac Kung Fu
6^7The Cucumber Book
7^9Programming Ruby 1.9
8^NEWCutting an Agile Groove
9v2Rails Recipes
10^NEWThe RSpec Book
11^NEWPragmatic Guide to Sass

Here at the start of a new year, the twitterati remind us that life can be nice:

Nice! Urban Dictionary is now on @heroku. — @tswicegood

Wow. I had an AA itinerary on hold. Came back to purchase it, and they told me they’d found a lower fare basis in the meantime. Nice service. — @pragdave

I’m also encouraged that @jeg2 is writing docs for TextMate 2.… — @noelrap

Guess our time has come. “Pragmatic” is word of the year:… — @pragdave

This lovely bottle of single malt perfection are going to have a deep, meaningful conversation with a Scala compiler. — @rit

I have some pretty nice shoes.… — @chadfowler

And sometimes not:

I’m starting to wonder if this datacenter is built over a former burial ground... — @lxt

But if we’ve learned one thing over the past year, surely it is that that Twitter is the new goto place for pearls of wisdom:

Working overtime is like shopping with a credit card. And interest is paid in productivity currency. — @staffannoteberg

Facebook is the uncanny valley of social relationships. — @hmason

The journey of a thousand lines of new code begins in readFromURL:ofType:error: — @bdudney

Clever are those who learn to work around impediments, cleverer are those who’re impatient and eliminate those. — @venkat_s

I bought a set of Zen flashcards. They were all blank. — @KentBeck

I think it’s time for velour to make a comeback. — @femmebot

Twitter is where we go for the answers. For example, if you’re a guy, you’ve probably been wondering what women programmers want. Twitter has the answers.

They want it all, but it’s difficult:


I’d love to go to this but I would have to give up a day’s pay. :( — @mfujica

They want what any sensible person wants:

New github classes in Joomla Framework… - Nice. I was JUST LOOKING for a PHP implementation of v 3 of github’s API. — @AmyStephen

Just ordered 30sq ft. worth of whiteboard paint. Super cool, goes on clear over any color. Can’t wait to doodle all over my walls!! #fb — @JBertling

People told me I was crazy when I said this was coming... automatic IE updates on WinXP, Vista & Win7! HOORAY!… — @obiwankimberly

The highlight of my flight is the collapsible spork I got in the snack box. — @irishgirl

Wish my bedroom would magically tidy itself. — @Skud

They want scrollbars.

Okay, Unity has finally gone too far. Eclipse has no scrollbars. Ugh. — @terriko

They want you to stop stalking them:

Facebook’s subscribe model is creepy. I don’t know these people who are commenting on my stuff. — @hmason

They want everyone to understand that no means no:

My quest to close my LinkedIn account continues. The harder they make it for me to leave them, the more pissed off I get at them. — @pamelafox

They want me to stop this right now:

I’ve seen a lot of arbitrary WOMEN IN TECH pieces lately. As if we have four pairs of eyes and breathe fire. — @LauraHelenWinn

OK, I’ll stop.

Who Are Those Guys?

First of all, they’re not all guys. Second, we have to confess that we cleaned up their punctuation and stuff a little. Third, who they are: Kent Beck, Jessica Bertling, Kimberly Blessing, Bill Dudney, Phoebe E, Morena Fiore, Chad Fowler, Pamela Fox, Hilary Mason, Brendan W. McAdams, Jen Myers, Staffan Nöteberg, Terri O, Noel Rappin, Skud, Amy Stephen, Venkat Subramaniam, Travis Swicegood, Dave Thomas, Laura Thomson, Meghan Wilker, and Laura Helen Winn. You can follow us at