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The Quiz

This Month: A Simple Cryptogram

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In keeping with this issue’s theme of change, here’s a really easy cryptogram puzzle. The encrypted words in the first sentence can be rearranged to form the encrypted words in the second sentence. Decrypt the two sentences.

How long before BKGK GMHWDFMB Google for search?

The only book in the dining car was GDKWB GMFKHMB.

Good luck.

Solution to Last Issue’s Quiz

Last month’s puzzle was a Sudoku with letters instead of digits. Hidden within it was a name that any computer scientist should be familiar with.

The hidden name is JOHN TUKEY in row 8. Tukey was a famous statistician, but his work has real significance for software development. Not only did he develop the Fast Fourier Transform, but he also coined the term “bit” and was the first person to use the word “software” in print.