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  Author sightings, partner events, and other notable happenings.  

Here’s what’s coming up in the next three months:

Author Appearances

Who’s where, and what for.

O’Reilly Events

Upcoming events from our friends at O’Reilly.

  • Mar 18, TOC Bologna, Bologna, Italy
    Tools of Change Bologna: “TOC and the Bologna Children’s Book Fair will team up once again, this time producing an unparalleled event featuring sessions, demos, workshops, and keynotes covering the art, craft, and business of storytelling in the digital age.”
  • Apr 2—4, whereconf, San Francisco, CA
    Where Conference: “The O’Reilly Where Conference is where the people working on and using location technologies come together to explore best practices and emerging trends in software development, tools, business strategies, and marketing.”
  • May 29–31, Fluent Conference, San Francisco, CA
    Fluent Conference: “The O’Reilly Fluent Conference is about everything JavaScript. If you’re developing for the Web, desktop, or mobile, knowing the ins and outs of JavaScript and related technologies is critical. Come to Fluent to learn from expert developers who are using JavaScript in all kinds of contexts, to do things that no one ever expected JavaScript could do, and do so well.”


What’s coming from our USENIX friends.

  • Apr 10—13, EuroSys 2012, Bern, Switzerland
    EuroSys 2012: “EuroSys has become a premier forum for discussing various issues of systems software research and development, including implications related to hardware and applications.”
  • Apr 24, Hot-ICE ’12, San Jose, CA
    2nd USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Management of Internet, Cloud, and Enterprise Networks and Services: “The second Hot-ICE workshop builds on the success of the first workshop last year and seeks to bring together researchers and practitioners working on network and service management in the Internet, cloud, and enterprise domains.”
  • Apr 24, LEET ’12, San Jose, CA
    5th USENIX Workshop on Large-Scale Exploits and Emergent Threats: “Now in its fifth year, LEET continues to be a unique forum for the discussion of threats to the confidentiality of our data, the integrity of digital transactions, and the dependability of the technologies we increasingly rely upon.”
  • Apr 25—27, NSDI ’12, San Jose, CA
    9th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation: “NSDI '12 focuses on the design principles, implementation, and practical evaluation of large-scale networked and distributed systems.”
  • May 11–12, PICC ’12, New Brunswick, NJ
    Professional IT Community Conference: “The third annual Professional IT Community Conference (PICC) is requesting individuals who are interested in presenting papers, talks, or participating in panels on any aspect of IT and System Administration.”

Other Happenings

  • Mar 1
    Yahoo (as a corporation) is 17.
  • Mar 3
    GNOME first came out of its burrow on this date in 1999.
  • Mar 9
    Jef Raskin would have turned 69 today.
  • Mar 11
    J.C.R. Licklider would have turned 97 today.
  • Mar 13
    On this date in 1986, Microsoft went public, creating four billionaires.
  • Mar 15
    A-life pioneer Craig Reynolds, who worked on the first Tron, is 59.
  • Mar 15
    It’s the Ides of March. Beware.
  • Mar 16
    Richard Stallman is 59 and MINIX author Andy Tanenbaum is 68.
  • Mar 24
    It’s Ada Lovelace Day, honoring women in technology and science.
  • Mar 24
    Mac OS X is XI today.
  • Mar 25
    On this day in 1995, Wiki went worldwide as Ward Cunningham installed WikiWikiWeb on the Web.
  • Mar 26
    Larry Page is 39.
  • Mar 31
    Evan Williams, co-founder of Twitter, is 40.
  • Apr 6
    MacOS co-creator Andy Hertzfeld is 59.
  • Apr 5
    Inventor Dean Kamen is 61.
  • Apr 9
    ENIAC co-inventor J. Presper Eckert was born on this date in 1919.
  • Apr 9
    SQLite architect D. Richard Hipp is 51.
  • Apr 14
    Ruby designer Yukihiro Matsumoto (Matz) is 47.
  • Apr 20
    Chief Yahoo David Filo is 46.
  • Apr 24
    Champion of modelessness Larry Tesler is 67.
  • Apr 28
    Mathematician Kurt Gödel was born on this date in 1906.
  • Apr 30
    Information theory pioneer Claude Shannon was born on this date in 1916.
  • Apr 30
    Colossal Cave Adventure creator Don Woods is 58.
  • Apr 30
    The World Wide Web is 19.
  • May
    In May, 1980, Erno Rubik’s puzzle started selling internationally under the name “Rubik’s Cube.”
  • May 1
    2006 MacArthur Fellow Jim Fruchterman is 53.
  • May 2
    Protoblogger Dave Winer is 57.
  • May 3
    Simon Tatham, known for playing with PuTTY, is 35.
  • May 8
    jQuery creator John Resig got to age 28 one day ahead of Mark Zuckerberg.
  • May 9
    Red Hat founder Marc Ewing is 44.
  • May 11
    Edsger Dijkstra’s 82nd birthday.
  • May 14
    Zillionaire entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg is 28.
  • May 17
    Youthful Alan Kay is 72.
  • May 19
    Today is the eleventh anniversary of the opening of the first Apple retail stores. Also, Java daddy James Gosling is 57 today; Theo de Raadt, founding member of NetBSD and founder of OpenBSD and OpenSSH, is 44; SNOBOL creator Ralph Griswold would have turned 78 today; and CP/M inventor Gary Kildall would have turned 70.
  • May 26
    Ward Cunningham is 63.
  • May 27
    PEZ was trademarked on this date in 1952.
  • May 28
    Networking hotshot Adam Dunkels is 34.
  • May 29
    63rd birthday of shareware co-creator Bob Wallace.
  • May 31
    John Kemeny was born on this day in 1926.