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Meet the Team

Development Editor Aron Hsaio

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  Each month we profile a member of the Pragmatic Bookshelf team. This month it’s development editor Aron Hsaio, our newest recruit.  

Aron Hsaio, Development Editor

Aron is a recent addition to the Pragmatic team and something of jack of all trades. Throughout the 1990s and 2000s Aron wrote a number of books on Linux and open source platforms and worked as an editor for technology publishers like Sams and Que. More recently he lent his talents to companies and interests as diverse as policy think tanks like Media Tenor International and the Annenberg Center for Global Communication Studies, web properties like and, and universities like NYU and The New School.

On a typical day, Aron spends a few hours as a webmaster kludging up tools for CMS backends, a few hours as a classroom instructor teaching core courses for sociology or media studies undergrads, a few hours as a researcher going over data and journals, and a few hours as an editor working on Pragmatic titles and projects. Afterward, he goes home to spend a few much-needed hours being a simple husband and father.

Aron considers himself to be an enthusiast both of technology and of society. In addition to being longtime advocate of user-centric approaches in his computing and IT roles, Aron is also a strong advocate of technology-centric understandings of human behavior in social research, seeing technology as fundamental to everyday patterns of human life and basic human beliefs about the world, no matter the historical period.

Though he started this journey as a 14-year-old computer science major with a knack for networks and K&R C, Aron went on to earn degrees in cultural anthropology and interdisciplinary social research. He is currently working to finish his Ph.D. in the sociology of media and technology, but his progress is continually slowed by his impulsive needs to play at being a stock photographer, to read travelogues and Robert Bolano novels, to go on extended road trips, and to keep incredibly needy aquarium fish.


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