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Mondriaan invents the Scrum/Kanban board.

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  Plumbing the depths of the twitterstream and keeping our feet dry.  

What’s Hot

Top-Ten lists are passé—ours goes to 11. These are the top titles that folks are interested in currently, along with their rank from last month. This is based solely on direct sales from our online store.

1^NEWThe Rails View
3v1Agile Web Development with Rails
4^NEWBuild Awesome Command-Line Applications in Ruby
5v3The Cucumber Book
6^NEWThe dRuby Book
7^NEWDeploying with JRuby
8v4Programming Ruby 1.9
9v7Seven Databases in Seven Weeks
10v5Deploying Rails
11v6The RSpec Book

This Coding Life

New Hobby: using Apple tag lines as commit messages: “This Changes Everything. Again.” — @?jroper?

Saying Java is awesome because it has awesome IDE support is like saying being in ICU is awesome because it has awesome life support. — @?jroper?

APL is the most expressive programming language I’ve ever seen. #spse2012 — @?staffannoteberg?

Did you know that there was a RFC (3092) that describes the etymology of Foo, Bar, Baz? (Yeah, I didn’t either...) — @?scottdavis99?

@searls I like “small is having nowhere to hide.” Also definition of faster. Dubious about “growing a team will come naturally.” Good preso. — @?marick?

It seems Mondriaan already invented the Scrum/Kanban board in 1917: — @?jurgenappelo?

Amazing how many teams “can’t do pair programming” just because of their furniture. — @?tottinge?

“We want an open and welcome community. Also, our next hackathon will be held at The Lusty Leopard.”—brogrammer — @?bphogan?


Those who *do* remember the past are condemned to be inadvertently patronising to those who’re too young to. — @?alancfrancis?

Did you know that the word “hipster” was first used in the 1940s? That’s right. They had that word before it was cool. — @?bphogan?

Is it “feed a cold, starve a fever” or the other way around? I ask because we have five boxes of Thin Mints. — @?marick?

We ran out of Dalwhinnie half way through your pour, so we topped it off with Macallan. #ScotchInTheSuburbs — @?scottdavis99?

Yes, Cinderella lost her volleyball games because her coach was a pumpkin, but also because she ran away from the ball! — @?petdance?

All of these supercomputers in our pockets, yet when I fall asleep with the TV on, none of them turn off Carson Daly. — @?therealadam?

This Magic Moment

Hey, anyone remember last year when it looked like #textmate 2.0 was coming soon? Good times… — @?invalidname?

Here it is, your moment of irony: Microsoft Word doesn’t recognize the word “cruft.” — @?petdance?

Now there’s fame... search for “programmer” on Wikimedia commons, @pragmaticandy is in top 20 images (and 1st real human!) — @?jlangr?

We are counting down the Top 100 Clocks You Forgot to Reset. Coming in at 98: your car! — @?scottdavis99?

New Rules

OH: “All task cards found on the floor go straight to the Done column.” — @?staffannoteberg?

I officially declare that anyone who works with coffeescript/backbone and says lisp is confusing has no valid argument... — @?abedra?

The most important piece of information in a requirements document is the phone number to the person who wrote it. #spse2012 — @?SoftwarePassion?

“General Nuisance” should be in the official listing of career codes, so we can put it in official documents. — @?tottinge?

“If a project team can eat more than two pizzas, it’s too large.” — @?staffannoteberg?

It doesn’t have to look or behave like ActiveRecord. Great advice for first-time Ruby library authors or greatest advice? — @?therealadam?

Sometimes a detour is the best destination. — @?PragmaticAndy?

The News

Disappointment that Apple didn’t spend their billions on your pet idea is the new disappointment that Apple didn’t ship your pet feature. — @?therealadam?

“Type on retina is *too* crisp” is the new “audio CDs sound sterile.” — @DirkWeber

Skeumorphism is the new flash website. #withintro — @kump

HTML5 is the new 42. — @danivalentin

Short-term memory loss is the new short-term memory loss. — @pragpub

Who Are Those Guys?

They’re not all guys. Also, we have to confess that we cleaned up their punctuation and stuff a little. OK, who they are: Chris Adamson, Jurgen Appelo, Aaron Bedra, Scott Davis, Alan C Francis, Brian P. Hogan, Andy Hunt, Adam Keys, Matt Kump, Jeff Langr, Andy Lester, Brian Marick, Staffan Nöteberg, Tim Ottinger, Software Passion, James Roper, Michael Swaine, Daniella Valentin, Nik Wakelin, and Dirk Weber. You can follow us at