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Meet the Team

Development Editor Kay Keppler

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  Each month we profile a member of the Pragmatic Bookshelf team. This month we get to know development editor Kay Keppler.  

Kay Keppler, Development Editor

Kay Keppler has covered technology and business as a writer and editor for more than twenty years. She started as editor of AI Expert, where one of her authors was working on a (neural network? Bayesian network? chaos theory? Boolean camouflage? it was all Deeply Secret, funded by all that DARPA money) system for cars so they could speed down the freeway in bumper-to-bumper traffic at seventy miles an hour, going where passengers needed to go but without drivers and without hitting anything.

She’s pleased to see that that research has paid off in cars that can parallel park themselves, because parallel parking probably causes more fender benders in the long run than freeway cruising. However, she’s pretty good at parallel parking herself, so she feels a bit like she’s been outsourced. By a Ford. And a Prius.

From artificial intelligence she moved over to Java, where she was editor of Java Pro magazine. That was fun, too. Bill Joy, James Gosling, Sun Microsystems. JavaOne, audience research, startups. Then it got big, went broke, got sucked up by Oracle. So then Oracle happened.

Along the way Kay also exercised her fiction writing skills, and has published several novels in various genres. The latest is a space opera, Zero Gravity Outcasts.

After Oracle, she was looking for something to do that would be fun and useful for developers. Susannah Davidson Pfalzer—a former colleague from the Java Pro days called her—and told her that the Pragmatic Programmers were looking for a few excellent editors. And so she hooked up with “the best—not to mention the most fun—book publishers in the industry.”

And the rest, as they say, is history.


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