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Up Front

Write for Us

by Michael Swaine

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This is the thirty-fourth monthly issue of PragPub, the DRM-free, ad-free, and just-plain-free magazine from The Pragmatic Programmers. We publish simultaneously in every format we can think of, so I don’t know you’re reading these words in html on our website, in pdf, in epub on an iPxd or some other epub-friendly mobile device, or in mobi on your Kindle.

But however you’re reading it, have you ever wondered where the articles come from?

I’m glad you let me suggest that you think about asking that question.

They could come from you.

I’m always looking for good articles on subjects of interest to software developers. If you have one in you, let me know. To get a feel for the appropriate style and length and the subjects that interest us, you just need to read some articles.

For example....

Antonio Cangiano leads off this issue in an interview about technical blogging. We just published Antonio’s book of that name, and nobody knows more about the subject than he does.

Also in this issue, Zach Dennis looks at building software as piling up grains of sand one at a time—and then managing the landslides when the sand piles get too steep. And Jim Bonang introduces The Pragmatic Defense, a comprehensive strategy in which you write methods with built-in defenses that allow you to quickly find the fault underlying a failure.

Venkat Subramaniam is back with another article on the Scala language. This month Venkat shows how Scala handles well-formed XML syntax as regular language syntax. In fact, Scala goes much farther than that in its support of XML as a first class language citizen, as you’ll learn in this enlightening article.

And there’s John Shade’s monthly column and all the usual departments. I hope you enjoy it. And maybe it will inspire you to write an article of your own.