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Life Lessons and Tech Rants

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  The second rule of Cite Club is ibid.  

What’s Hot

Top-Ten lists are passé—ours goes to 11. These are the top titles that folks are interested in currently, along with their rank from last month. This is based solely on direct sales from our online store.

1^NEWPractical Vim
2v1The Rails View
3^NEWRails Recipes
4v3Agile Web Development with Rails
5^NEWProgramming Clojure
7^9Seven Databases in Seven Weeks
88Programming Ruby 1.9
9v5The Cucumber Book
1010Deploying Rails
11^NEWiOS SDK Development


In April we watched the season change, we learned that a sunglasses-wearing, bored-looking, texting Secretary of State is the current definition of cool, and we continued to discover what Twitter is really for.

What is Twitter for, you ask?

It’s for Deep Thoughts

Reading physical book. Haven’t done that in ages. It’s so heavy! And where is the built in light?! — @catehstn

How come you never find someone showing “mitigated gall?” It’s always the full-on variety. — @PragmaticAndy

@PragmaticAndy Likewise, I've never heard of gruntled employees... — @bdstevens

It’s for Revealing Your Hidden Talent

Have you seen my latest party trick? Don’t try this at home, folks! #talentschool — @richardbranson

I’m racing the #37 @ConquestRacing LMP2 in the Long Beach Grand Prix tomorrow at 4:30pm. Watch it live on ESPN2 or — @dhh

First day of rowing lessons. Ended up in the water and surprised my instructor by being able to get back in the boat. — @tswicegood

It’s for Your Tech Rants

Batteries are my Curse and Damnation. — @cloudforest

*shakes fist* Nested HAML partials *shakes fist* </rant> — @johnsonch

I was a really nice guy until I used Rails. Now I kick puppies on my way to set fire to orphanages as I rant on Hacker News while driving. — @jm

1. I have to *reboot* my mac before it recognizes the TV on the end of the HDMI cable? 2. No sound? Isn’t that point of HDMI? — @marick

When the revolution comes, those who provide XML configuration and build files will be first against the wall. — @rit

Hey @nabshow tried to update my profile only to find Ms. is not an option. Only Mr., Miss, Mrs., Dr. What year is this is? 1955? — @jenred

Grrr. Technology is awesome except when it isn’t. — @bphogan

Great...have started getting recaptcha’s with non-Latin scripts. Today it’s Arabic. — @headius

It’s for Status Reports

It just took me 15 minutes to disentangle my bra from a USB cable. There’s something oddly appropriate about that. — @snipeyhead

Our washing machine just sent a status report to my cell phone. — @pragdave

My friend Scott just used big-O notation to describe the length of a relationship, and I didn’t even blink about it until 5 min later. — @demew

1. My chess rating has dropped 1500 points since I started traveling for work. 2. Politicians spend a lot of time on the road. #hmm — @gvwilson

I wasn’t wearing the bra at the time, although the mental picture is much funnier that way. — @snipeyhead

It’s for Sharing Lessons Learned

Observation: being left handed works well when doing book signings. Shake right, sign left, don’t put down pen. — @adamgoucher

How you get your geek to do anything for you: “@chrisjpowers: Just got this text message from @sarahapowers: ‘Sudo! Bring me some pie!’” — @redsquirrel

When you come to a fork in the road, pick it up and keep it in inventory. Eventually you’ll need it to prop open a door or stab a dragon. — @pragpub

Don't mistake your email inbox for a to-do list. — @staffannoteberg

Here’s an idea: Comment forms have a captcha, not to prove the commenter is a human, but that the commenter has read the damn article. — @petdance

Remember kids, there are no problems that can’t be solved by creatively piping Unix commands together. — @bketelsen

Miles to Kilometers conversion is a Fibonacci sequence... #cool — @scottdavis99

The game where you try to chase your cats off of the carpet as they throw up is a game everyone loses. — @tekniklr

The second rule of Cite Club is ibid. — @dwineman

Who Are Those Guys?

They’re not all guys. Also, we have to confess that we cleaned up their punctuation and stuff a little. OK, who they are: Addie Beseda, Richard Branson, Scott Davis, Adam Goucher, David Heinemeyer Hansson, Brian P. Hogan, Dave Hoover, Andy Hunt, Cate Huston, jenred, Chris Johnson, Brian Ketelsen, Andy Lester, Brendan W. McAdams, Jeremy McAnally, Brian Marick, Staffan Nöteberg, Charles Nutter, Nadine Schaeffer, snipe, Teri Solow, Brian Stevens, Michael Swaine, Travis Swicegood, Dave Thomas, Greg Wilson, and Dan Wineman. You can follow us at