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Meet the Team

Michael Swaine

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  Each month we profile a member of the Pragmatic Bookshelf team. This month it’s Michael Swaine, the editor of PragPub.  

Michael Swaine, Editor

Every month Michael pulls together an issue of PragPub, the magazine of the Pragmatic Bookshelf. He’s been doing this sort of thing for three decades, first as part of the launch team for InfoWorld, then as editor-in-chief of Dr. Dobb’s Journal, and now with the Prags. He thinks he’s starting to get a handle on it.

Michael also manages to fit in a little bookwork, both editing and writing books. He and Paul Freiberger are writing the third edition of Fire in the Valley, their seminal history of the personal computer, which was adapted for the screen as the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley. They’re publishing with the Prags, naturally. Michael also claims to be working on a detective novel, but nobody’s seen that yet.

“I love the concept of PragPub,” Michael says, “ad-free, DRM-free, as-in-beer-free, and written by programmers for programmers. And I love working with smart people, both the editorial team at the Pragmatic Bookshelf and the writers. I have a dream job.”

Michael may also have a dream 411. He lives on an organic farm in southern Oregon with his partner, Nancy Groth. The farm also has a gourmet restaurant on site.

“When Nancy told me I needed to get out and enjoy the beauties of this special corner of the world,” Michael says, “I responded in the only way I knew: I became the editor of a regional magazine focused on southern Oregon. If all you have is a hammer—”


Twitter: @pragpub and @mswaine

Blog: Swaine’s World