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Tweeted Tics and Trips

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  Twitter is like a zen garden. Admire the pretty stones, but don’t swallow them.  

What’s Hot

Top-Ten lists are passé—ours goes to 11. These are the top titles that folks are interested in currently, along with their rank from last month. This is based solely on direct sales from our online store.

1^7Seven Databases in Seven Weeks
2v1Practical Vim
3^4Agile Web Development with Rails
4^NEWWorking with Unix Processes
5^8Programming Ruby 1.9
6v2The Rails View
7v3Rails Recipes
8^NEWThe RSpec Book
99The Cucumber Book
11^NEWSeven Languages in Seven Weeks


All in a Day’s Work

Just automated all the admin for our DNS: 20+ domains in Route53 via a Ruby DSL and cli53. Love it. — @pragdave

We’re sitting at our neighborhood bar, having a beer (thomas) and a diet coke (me) and trying to name our office. — @amyhoy

"Who’s _really_ working?" - @Brilliantcrank, trying to round people up to go get donuts. — @ryanirelan

Six dumb people blocked this morning. My work is done. — @shelly

Deep Thoughts

Only @richhickey could show us two lines of code and declare “It does way too much!” #hbb — @mtnygard

@gdarklighter I’m saying basic coding skills are worth it if you use computers, the way basic plumbing helps when you live in a house. — @ginatrapani

Why don’t HTML guides that say "deprecated, use styles" tell you what the <"foo"...> equivalent would be? #reader_considerate — @marick

American Mcdonalds coffee is not nearly as tasty as Canadian. — @adamgoucher

Life on the Road

Hey, looks like I’ll be speaking at @WindyCityRails this year. Looks like it’ll be a lot of fun with a great speaker lineup, and also me. — @noelrap

Hello June: Bergen, Oslo (#ndc), Mumbai (#coderetreat), Sangli, Denver (#uberconf), London, Poland. — @venkat_s

I think I envy people who can eat when they are flying. — @adamgoucher

Is it me or is United’s latest site updates something from 1998, just with rounded corners? — @jeffcohen

I was just patted down by #TSA Officer Stiffarm. (his real name) #theJokesJustWriteThemselves — @scottdavis99

Weird! Walked through downtown Austin and no one handed me sunglasses, bottled water, or an invite for free beer in a tent. #sxswisover — @shelly

It’s a Lifestyle Thing

@eileentv @jeffjarvis ha! Loved the homage to the girl who fell in the mall fountain while texting! — @ginatrapani

Hacking the ActionDispatch gem on a Friday night. Yes, I’m an introverted geek. — @jeffcohen

Living in SF there are so many cool nerdy events it can be really hard to choose. — @stubbornella

Even my cat is suspicious of me. Can’t understand why. All I’ve done for the last 8 hours is snore on the couch. — @mollydotcom

We Boffos (boring old farts) of software process should *manage* our decline rather than deny it. — @marick

All of the @shellys on Twitter who are not me lead such interesting lives. Most of their friends are illiterate, however. #misdirectedtweets — @shelly

Twitterville Is a Helpful Place

Question: Do liquor stores deliver? I assume there are legal reasons they can’t. But that should be a thing. — @bphogan

@bphogan There are definitely liquor stores that deliver here in Boston (despite otherwise crazy liquor laws). — @trevorburnham

@bphogan They do in NY. — @david_a_black

@bphogan they have drive-thru daiquiri stands in New Orleans. I miss those. — @codefinger

@bphogan When I lived in LA, pink dot delivered booze. I think does in chicago. — @neovintage

@bphogan I’ve seen drive through liquor stores. — @jeffklawiter

@bphogan depending on your state laws, you can buy liquor online... — @ryanbriones

The Right Tool for the Job

Just got a Rigol DG4062 waveform generator. I didn’t have high hopes for it being good, but it turned out to be really nice. — @jeriellsworth

Found Post-it tape rolls in local stationery store today. Not sure where to use them, but their sticky reuseness is impressive. — @staffannoteberg

My new favorite prototyping material is Premo Sculpey thermally setting plastic clay. — @jeriellsworth

Final Thoughts

The only goal of zomblatt is purity of process. And effectiveness. Those two, and clarity. And maybe malleability. — @tottinge

MT @dietsch New MacBooks with OS X Housecat will only remain in your lap when you’re on the toilet, sitting at dinner, or tying your shoes. — @shelly

"Should we integrate with salesforce?" "Maybe, but then we’d attract salespeople as customers, and we don’t really want that." "RIGHT." — @amyhoy

In the past 12 months, 28 people have written feature articles for 100% male. #canthelpnoticing — @gvwilson

Who Are Those Guys?

They’re not all guys. Yes, we may have a little trouble attracting women to write for the magazine, but the people whose tweets we follow are not all guys. Also, we have to confess that we cleaned up their punctuation and stuff a little. OK, who they are: David A. Black, Shelly Brisbin, Trevor Burnham, Ryan Carmelo Briones, Jeff Cohen, Scott Davis, Jeri Ellsworth, Adam Goucher, Brian P. Hogan, Molly E. Holzschlag, Amy Hoy, Ryan Irelan, Jeff Klawiter, Joe Kutner, Brian Marick, Staffan Nöteberg, Michael Nygard, Tim Ottinger, Noel Rappin, Rimas Silkaitis, Venkat Subramaniam, Nicole Sullivan, Dave Thomas, Gina Trapani, and Greg Wilson. You can follow us at