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Up Front

Tales from the Ops Side

by Michael Swaine

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Michael Nygard wrote an excellent book for us a few years back called Release It! We were looking over that book recently and rediscovering just how good it was. There are some great case studies in the book—truly dramatic stories from the trenches. So we thought, why not share some of those stories with the readers of PragPub?

So that’s what we’re doing. The first in this series recounts the chaos and quick thinking that occur when a new e-commerce site meets the dreaded day after Thanksgiving and the associated shopping madness.

Technical debt is a useful metaphor invented by Ward Cunningham for necessary work on a project that has been deferred. Like any good metaphor, it should be extensible, and in an essay in this issue, Christoph Pater asks the question, if there is technical debt, shouldn’t there be technical debt counselors?

Venkat Subramaniam has been conducting a class in Scala in the magazine for several months now, and the series is nearing its end. The current lesson involves Scala traits, how you can chain them, and why you would want to.

PragPub’s editor has written an article for this issue, too. It’s on personal computer history and a couple of people whose names just keep popping up.

John Shade is on deck, of course, this time with his eccentric take on email.