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Hot in August

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  Which Pragmatic Bookshelf books are hot right now—plus some tweets.  

What’s Hot

Top-Ten lists are passé—ours goes to 11. These are the top titles that folks are interested in currently, along with their rank from last month. This is based solely on direct sales from our online store.

1^3Agile Web Development with Rails
2^11Deploying Rails
3v1Seven Databases in Seven Weeks
44Practical Vim
5^NEWThe ThoughtWorks Anthology
6v5Programming Ruby 1.9
7^NEWDeploying with JRuby
8v7The RSpec Book
9v8The Cucumber Book
10^NEWiOS SDK Development
11v10The Rails View


Skirmishes in the War on Bugs

If you‘re a web designer, you really, really need to get a cheap Dell monitor so you can see how bad your site looks on it and fix it. — @anna_debenham

.@tobins I think bug trackers should automatically close any bug with no description and “sometimes” in the title as “cannot reproduce.” — @invalidname

Ignoring feedback means that the system will eventually experience a massive unpleasant surprise rather than a small unpleasant surprise. — @jwgrenning

On code encapsulation: “You’re trying to protect against Murphy, not Machiavelli.” — @malcolmt

Pearls of Wisdom

All things become clear when you extract the method. — @jrasmusson

Every decent programmer I know learned by bashing together crappy bits of code in a crappy programming language. Start there then get better. — @nzkoz

On average, cross-language benchmarks say a lot about 1 programmer, and a little about n languages. — @stuarthalloway

Arrogance is a strength when you’re right and everybody else is wrong. Not so much when you’re wrong though. — @KentBeck

Seize the day, bro! In 10,000 years, all that will be left of you is your skeleton. And your plastic Live Strong bracelet. — @mktgdouchebag

Status Reports

[Neal Ford] is in some circle of hell right now—the AutoUpdater is in the process of updating itself, so that it can check for updates. — @neal4d

Someone actually sent me a friend request on Facebook today. It felt very 2010. — @gvwilson

My little brother and I couldn’t decide if we wanted to go for a run this AM or a sauna. Luckily, in Omaha, they aren’t mutually exclusive. — @scottdavis99

Random Thoughts

Documenting someone else’s code is a bit like writing fan-fiction. — @stuartsierra

Trying to figure out what I was going do with my extra leap second, then wasted it on this tweet. — @neal4d

OH: “Thin Mints is just a marketing scheme. If they called them Fat Mints no one would buy them.” — @jaredrichardson

Idea for a new programming language: Subjective C. You write code and it behaves differently depending on the compiler’s mood. — @zeh

I really hope Jessica Biel names her first child Batmo. — @ali_harter

If anyone else has ever tweeted about Calvin Coolidge and (an allusion to) phone sex, I’d like to know. #could_be_my_unique_contribution — @marick

Rea Life, or Something Like It

Can you imagine being Vint Cerf and having to respond to moronic “the government deserves no credit in creating the internet” op-eds? — @marick

Now that Higgs Boson has been found, they’re just using LHC to smash together new Taco Bell menu items. — @pourmecoffee

Michigan’s record-breaking temperatures prove hot enough to bake pizza in car. — @invalidname

As long as science has worse marketing than politics and religion, we’re stuck. — @bmf

Who Are Those Guys?

They’re not all guys. Also, we have to confess that we cleaned up their punctuation and stuff a little. OK, who they are: Chris Adamson, Kent Beck, Scott Davis, Anna Debenham, Marketing Douchebag, Zeh Fernando, Neal Ford, James Grenning, Stuart Halloway, Ali Harter, Michael Koziarski, Mike Lee, Brian Marick, pourmecoffee, Jonathan Rasmusson, Jared Richardson, Stuart Sierra, Malcolm Tredinnick, and Greg Wilson. You can follow us at