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PragPub cover

PragPub, November 2012

Table of Contents


  • by Paul Callaghan
    In which Paul explores some powerful ideas about plumbing.
  • by Jesse Anderson
    You know how to manage the move to The Cloud, but what if you’re asked to cost-justify it? Could you?
  • by Brian Tarbox
    Brian returns to the big Java conference and finds it changed.
  • by Michael Swaine
    Gary Kildall was a programmer’s programmer.


  • by Michael Swaine
    Haskell and monads and functional programming, how to cost-justify the move to the cloud, the return of our Quiz department, a report on the JavaOne conference post-Oracle, John Shade on pesky users and their annoying sense of entitlement, our events calendar, Choice Bits, and a recollection of Gary Kildall.
  • What books are hot right now, what Twitter is for, and a new featurette, The Talk of the Tech.
  • Author sightings, upcoming conferences, and other events of note.
  • An occasional diversion at least peripherally related to programming.
  • by John Shade
    John thinks users are a grinding noise in the gears of progress.
  • Coming attractions and where to go from here.