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Up Front

Now with More Antioxidants

by Michael Swaine

Generic image illustrating the article

Paul Callaghan is back this month with another adventure in functional programming. Paul’s language of tutorial choice is Haskell, but the topics he covers are not language-specific. This month he tells you more than you thought you wanted to know about monads.

Brian Tarbox is another author whose work has appeared here before. This month Brian has something different for us. He attended this year’s JavaOne conference, and he thought you might be interested in knowing if and how it has changed since it came under the Oracle umbrella.

Jesse Anderson’s article is a bit of a departure, too. It’s the first of two articles on moving to the cloud. But Jesse isn’t telling you how to execute the move to the cloud. He’s offering help with the problem you’re likely to run as you pitch the move. He shows you how to cost-justify the move for decision-makers you may have to convince.

If you don’t know how important Gary Kildall is in the history of the personal computer, you’ll want to read the article your humble editor offers up this month. And our irascible columnist John Shade is irascible as usual, taking on users with a sense of entitlement.

The part of the table of contents headed “Departments” lists the recurring elements of the magazine, as opposed to the feature articles. This month there is some activity in Departments beyond the routine. We’re experimentally adding a minor element to “Choice Bits” called “Talk of the Tech”—brief news items of a generally technical nature. If you like it, we’ll keep it. Also, our Quiz department is back this month, with a simple cryptarithmic puzzle, the answer to which, if you need it, will appear next month.

Meanwhile, take care of yourself. It’s a scary world out there. Hurricanes hook up with winter storms and trash the neighborhood. The online store decides to crash on the day after Thanksgiving. You find out that you’re a node on the critical path when you come down with the flu and the project screeches to a halt.

So keep yourself healthy. Get plenty of antioxidants. Eat pomegranates. November in the USA is National Pomegranate Month. Be well. And enjoy the issue!