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PragPub, December 2012

Table of Contents


  • by Paul Callaghan
    Paul returns with another rich article on the Haskell language, this one focusing on Web programming.
  • by Jesse Anderson
    Last month Jesse showed you how to cost-justify the move to the cloud. But if you’re still getting resistance, here’s how to overcome it.
  • by Brian Tarbox
    If you can’t change your company, change your company.
  • by Michael Swaine
    A look back at a legendary figure in personal computer history: Jack Tramiel.


  • by Michael Swaine
    Haskell, Jack Tramiel, agile in the small, and the cloud.
  • AI springs back. Also, a real warp drive?
  • by Michael Swaine
    A monthly diversion at least peripherally related to programming.
  • Want to meet one of our authors face-to-face? Here’s where they’ll be in the coming months.
  • by John Shade
    John looks at the dark side of 3D printing.
  • Coming attractions and where to go from here.