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The Quiz

Nine-Letter Man

by Michael Swaine

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This month we present another Sudoku puzzle with a couple of twists—it uses letters instead of digits, and there is a hidden message. In one of the rows or columns of the solved Sudoku, you will find the name of someone who was in the news recently.

Simply fill in the empty cells with the nine unique letters you’ll find the the grid in such a way that each row, column, and small square contains each of the nine letters exactly once.

Solution right here next issue. Or on Twitter right now, no doubt.

Solution to Last Issue’s Quiz

The problem was to find the unique assignment of the ten decimal digits to letters that makes this addition correct:


The answer, P=0, N=1, L=2, T=3, A=4, H=5, U=6, K=7, D=8, and O=9, was inspired by Giovani Resta’s puzzles, which you can explore here.