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A Smattering of Nattering

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What’s Hot

Top-Ten lists are passé—ours goes to 11. These are the top titles that folks are interested in currently, along with their rank from last month. This is based solely on direct sales from our online store.

2^NEWAsync JavaScript
33Agile Web Development with Rails
4^NEWSublime Text 2
5v2Practical Vim
66Programming Ruby 1.9
7^11The Pragmatic Programmer
8^NEWProgramming Groovy
9v7Seven Databases in Seven Weeks
10v1iOS SDK Development
11^NEWThe Definitive ANTLR 4 Reference

End of Year Nostalgia, Wishes, and Prognostications

Childhood toy flashback: Capsela! I just loved Capsela, as much as Lego and Lite Brite. Haven’t seen it in years. Not a thing anymore? — @ginatrapani

Even more nostalgic magic. You can download the ORIGINAL VINTAGE release of Rails 0.5.0 from Rubyforge So slim. — @dhh

I know, first world problem, but... I wish Xbox had an “update all” mechanism. — @marczak

Watching people talk about how validating HTML isn’t important makes me wish I was their boss so I could fire them. — @bphogan

I’m waiting for the Cars prequel which shows the cars gain sentience, rise up, and destroy humanity. — @Its_Death

I guess Ada 2012 will be the new standard that all US Govt contractors get a waiver from using. — @mtnygard

Apple working on 50” wrist-worn HDTV. — @BodyofBreen

Apple working on its Bogart impression. — @BodyofBreen

My grandkids will have jobs whose titles didn’t even exist for my generation. Like drill press operator, farmer, and assembly line worker. — @mtnygard

Can it please to stop snowing now. — @jeff_lamarche

The Wisdom of the Web

@pragdave I’ve tried using logic, with mixed results. — @tottinge

More often than not the creative process is more interesting than the creation. — @adamgoucher

Rails is omakase. You’re free to say no unagi, but don’t expect the chef to stop serving it at his restaurant because you don’t like it. — @dhh

In software, only new stuff is old hat. Anything written over ten years ago is new material. — @tottinge

“Feedback” makes a fabulous transitive verb. — @chadfowler

We really need anthropologist-types observing great designers, rather than relying on designers’ self-reports. cf: — @marick

Programmers often say “inefficient” when they mean “slow,” sort of like “utilize” instead of “use.” It sounds smarter, but isn’t. — @petdance

Tip: to trick your colleagues into doing something with you, just “-athon”ify it. Testathon, bootstrapv2athon, everything can be -athon’ed. — @pamelafox

Sometimes, waking from a dream is like rolling back a regrettable transaction. — @mtnygard

I’m not going to make my daughter choose a religion, I’ll explain the differences & when the time comes she can choose either Marvel or DC. — @TashyP_

Annual reminder to Hollywood. The people reading your anti-piracy screens paid for the movie. The people torrenting it didn’t. — @raganwald

The English language really needs a good translation of “svårmod.” — @olabini

Who Are Those Guys?

First, they’re not all guys. Second, we have to confess that we cleaned up their punctuation and stuff a little. OK, who they are: Ola Bini, Reg Braithwaite, Chris Breen, Steve Death, Chad Fowler, Pamela Fox, Adam Goucher, DHH, Brian P. Hogan, Jeff LaMarche, Andy Lester, Edward R. Marczak, Brian Marick, Michael Nygard, Tim Ottinger, Tashy, and Gina Trapani.

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