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The Quiz

Quotable Coders

by Michael Swaine

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Here are seven quotes from famous programmers. Your first challenge is to name the author of each quote. Caution: there are not necessarily seven different programmers represented. Your second challenge is to say what these programmers have in common.


Solution right here next issue. Or on Twitter right now, no doubt.

Solution to Last Issue’s Quiz

Last month we presented another Sudoku puzzle with a couple of twists—it used letters instead of digits, and there was a hidden message. In one of the rows or columns of the solved Sudoku, we said, you will find someone who was in the news recently.

As you’ve surely noticed, the last line is the name of a famous programmer: S(tephen) G(ary) Wozniak, who was in the news for his announced decision to move to Austraila. Or possibly New Zealand.