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February 2013



by Clay Allsopp

Clay shows how Ruby and Objective-C can coexist in iOS app development.

Deploying with JRuby in the Cloud

by Joe Kutner

If you’ve been hesitant to switch to JRuby due to lack of familiarity with the JVM, Joe has some good news for you.

Estimation is Evil

by Ron Jeffries

What you don’t know can hurt you, especially when you convince yourself that you do know it.

The Five Cs of Offshore Communications

by Nick Krym

Offshore project success often comes down to communication. Chances are, you could be doing it better.

Launching a Gonzo Engineering Project

by Steven K. Roberts

The legendary gonzo engineer shares his secrets for pursuing crazy dreams and succeeding in this series.


by Michael Swaine

Mike was going through his files and found a 1983 interview with Bill Gates about writing and selling his first BASIC.


Up Front

by Michael Swaine

Ruby Is Twenty

Choice Bits

We follow Twitter so you don’t have to.

The Quiz

by Michael Swaine

A monthly diversion at least peripherally related to programming.


Want to meet one of our authors face-to-face? Here’s where they’ll be in the coming months.

Shady Illuminations

by John Shade

Did the analysts who caused Apple’s stock drop also cast Ashton Kutcher to play Jobs?

But Wait, There’s More...

Coming attractions and where to go from here.

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