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A Smattering of Nattering

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What’s Hot

Top-Ten lists are passé—ours goes to 11. These are the top titles that folks are interested in currently, along with their rank from last month. This is based solely on direct sales from our online store.

1^NEWThe Healthy Programmer
2^NEWGood Math
3^NEWThe App Design Handbook
4v3Agile Web Development with Rails
5^11The Definitive ANTLR 4 Reference
6^9Seven Databases in Seven Weeks
7^NEWWorking with TCP Sockets
8^NEWSeven Languages in Seven Weeks
9v6Practical Vim
10v5Programming Ruby 1.9

Status Reports

I hate the tense few hours after a big server migration, waiting for server alerts to start lighting, praying for the sweet release of death. — @snipeyhead

Editing JavaScript embedded inside XML. Because I know how to party on a Friday night, ohhhhh yeahhhh. — @pamelafox

I should have been a chef; I can create spaghetti [code] like no other! — @adamgoucher

It’s a very satisfying small-chunks-of-steady-progress-coding sort of day. — @jessebeach

I started wearing a soul patch but I still crave Don Cornielius. — @mwisme

My sleep meds aren’t working very well. I dreamt about talking to a pharmacist to get more. #recursion — @amyhoy

Guy across from me on the bus is knitting something w/really pretty fluffy blue yarn on (tiny!) DPNs. Kinda want to ask what he’s making. — @epersonae

Upside: Netflix has streaming rights in Costa Rica. Downside: can’t seem to find any language setting. Guess I’ll be watching “Parque Sur.” — @zahnster

In 2013 I'm moving to Portland, so I can raise my own chickens and manage my own memory. — @hipsterhacker

Queries and Observations

Happy 13th annual Year That Linux On The Desktop Really Takes Off, everyone! — @invalidname

I wonder why anyone ever believes that people running corporations have any sense whatsoever. — @amyhoy

Working with everybody from startups to fortune 100 companies made me realize that if THOSE incompetents can do it, so could I! — @amyhoy

You can take the developer out of the Java, but you can't take the Java out of the developer, it seems. — @jeff_lamarche

Ah, heartfelt, touching, sparkly-grams on Facebook... you’re so sincere, despite being rife with grammar and punctuation errors. ~shudder~ — @MelaniePerry

Why does a morning of essential administrivia always lead to an unproductive afternoon of gaffing about and feeling a bit lost? — @Suw

Thieves break into Microsoft’s office in Mountain View to steal their iPads. No Microsoft products stolen. — @johnwilander

Suggestion Box

HTTP is to telnet what HTTPS is to ssh. Choose wisely. — @benrady

I vote that the <a> tag gets renamed to <anchor> in the HTML spec. Mostly cuz googling for anything with “a” is really, really hard. — @pamelafox

I wish all beer recipes started out as gists so I could see all of the forks and notes in a structured way. — @abedra

FWIW, as a conf speaker aware I may be a token, makes a big difference when organizers say “Can you come speak about [thing I worked on]?” — @garannm

Databases should be like a sports car. Fast and named after women. — @kellabyte

Whoever does the hair for Portlandia should win an Emmy. #omg — @jensimmons


Twitterites! Wikipedia doesn’t have a #bqhatevwr article... yet. You slackers better get busy. — @macartisan

Who Are Those Guys?

First, they’re not all guys. Second, we have to confess that we cleaned up their punctuation and stuff a little. OK, who they are: Chris Adamson, J. Renée Beach, Aaron Bedra, Pamela Fox, Adam Goucher, Hipster Hacker, Amy Hoy, Jeff LaMarche, Macartisan, Garann Means, Elaine Nelson, Melanie Perry, Ben Rady, Jade Rauenzahn, Jen Simmons, snipe ?, Kelly Sommers, Suw, Michael Weber, and John Wilander.

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