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March 2013


What If You Don’t Want to Pivot?

by Jonathan Rasmusson

Sometimes when the world tells you to pivot, you really need to stay the course.

Launching a Gonzo Engineering Project

by Steven K. Roberts

The legendary gonzo engineer shares his secrets for pursuing crazy dreams and succeeding in this series.

Finding the Geek Who Fits

by Johanna Rothman

The team will have to work with the new hire. Shouldn’t the team do the hiring?

Being the Geek Who Fits

by Andy Lester

In a counterpoint to Johanna Rothman’s article on finding the geek who fits your agile team, Andy looks at the situation from the prospective hire’s point of view.

Uncle Bob and Functional Programming

by Paul Callaghan

Paul has been debating functional programming and test-driven development with “Uncle Bob” Martin. Here he shares the result of that conversation.


Up Front

by Michael Swaine

This issue’s about pursuing your dreams while earning a paycheck.

Choice Bits

We follow Twitter so you don’t have to.


by Michael Swaine

The solution to last issue’s quiz.


Want to meet one of our authors face-to-face? Here’s where they’ll be in the coming months.

Shady Illuminations

by John Shade

John is so distressed by the social nature of software today that he turns to poetry.

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