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PragPub, March 2013

Table of Contents


  • by Jonathan Rasmusson
    Sometimes when the world tells you to pivot, you really need to stay the course.
  • by Steven K. Roberts
    The legendary gonzo engineer shares his secrets for pursuing crazy dreams and succeeding in this series.
  • by Johanna Rothman
    The team will have to work with the new hire. Shouldn’t the team do the hiring?
  • by Andy Lester
    In a counterpoint to Johanna Rothman’s article on finding the geek who fits your agile team, Andy looks at the situation from the prospective hire’s point of view.
  • by Paul Callaghan
    Paul has been debating functional programming and test-driven development with “Uncle Bob” Martin. Here he shares the result of that conversation.


  • by Michael Swaine
    This issue’s about pursuing your dreams while earning a paycheck.
  • We follow Twitter so you don’t have to.
  • by Michael Swaine
    The solution to last issue’s quiz.
  • Want to meet one of our authors face-to-face? Here’s where they’ll be in the coming months.
  • by John Shade
    John is so distressed by the social nature of software today that he turns to poetry.