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  Want to meet one of our authors face-to-face? Here’s where they’ll be in the coming months.  

Here’s what our authors will be up to in the coming months.

O’Reilly Events

Upcoming events from our friends at O’Reilly.

  • 2013-03-24, Bologna, Italy
    Tools of Change Bologna: “Happening in conjunction with the Bologna Children's Book Fair, TOC Bologna is where the children's publishing and technology industries come together to discuss, learn, and share ideas around the art, craft, and business of storytelling in the digital age.”
  • 2013-05-28, Fluent, San Francisco, CA
    Fluent Conference: “This year, Fluent will bring together an even broader range of individuals and organizations and drill even deeper into the essential technologies and tools that power the Web.”


What’s coming from our USENIX friends.

  • 2013-03-15, Seattle, WA
    Cascadia IT Conference 2013: “A gathering of professionals from the diverse IT (computer and network administration) community in the U.S. Pacific Northwest / British Columbia to learn, share ideas, and network.”
  • 2013-04-02, Lombard, IL
    5th USENIX Workshop on the Theory and Practice of Provenance: “The workshop may cover any topic related to theoretical or practical aspects of provenance, including but not limited to: provenance in databases, workflows, programming languages, security, software engineering, or systems; provenance on the Web; real-world applications of or requirements for provenance.”
  • 2013-04-03, Lombard, IL
    10th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation: “NSDI focuses on the design principles, implementation, and practical evaluation of large-scale networked and distributed systems.”
  • Eurosys 2013: “EuroSys has become a premier forum for discussing various issues of systems software research and development, including implications related to hardware and applications.”
  • 2013-05-03, New Brunswick, NJ
    LOPSA-East Professional IT Community Conference: “LOPSA-East is an annual conference held in NJ with the goal of providing a forum where system administrators can come together, network with their industry peers, share war stories, and learn from some of the greatest minds in the profession.”
  • 14th Workshop on Hot Topics in Operating Systems: “Continuing the HotOS tradition, participants will present and discuss new ideas about computer systems research and how technological advances and new applications are shaping our computational infrastructure.”

March Birthdays

  • March 1
  • March 3
  • March 11
    J.C.R. Licklider
  • March 13
    Microsoft as a public company
  • March 16
    Richard Stallman and Andy Tanenbaum
  • March 24
    Mac OS X
  • March 25
    The Wiki
  • March 26
    Larry Page