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What the Cool Kids Are Tweeting

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Looking for our top-eleven list? We didn’t eliminate it; we just moved it to a new page toward the back of the magazine where we talk about what’s new on the Bookshelf.

Words of Advice

We're gonna have to accept that our programming communities aren't as private as they once were. The in-laws are coming over. Hide the bong. — @garannm

Postel's law: Be conservative in what you do, be liberal in what you accept from others. — @estellevw

There's always room for something better than Jello. — @RonJeffries

"Here's a mantra to remember: TED Talks — interesting if true." — @Ihnatko

Whenever you see a smiling child, remember: she's never read a comment in her life, and she's doing just fine. — @AvoidComments

"A good way to gain credibility is not to have lied to the same audience last month" from with @EdwardTufte — @KentBeck

1. Take pictures of every cat in your neighborhood 2. Make missing cat posters with the pictures 3. Get all the cats — @lazerdoov

git undo! git undo! — @anna_debenham

Humble Reflections

I should audit my tweets some time to see exactly how many typos I have in them. — @tswicegood

Working from home has taught me I need to come up with better excuses to my daughter about where all the cookies went during the day. — @antiheroine

So this is what inbox zero feels like. Less "zen" than "where did my life go, while I was getting to inbox zero?" — @anamariecox

I'm always thrilled when I hear a smart programmer say, "it turns out..." I know I'm about to learn something interesting. — @KentBeck

I’m in my HTML5 book, throwing out anything related to IE6 and 7. It’s an awesome feeling. — @bphogan

I love when I find sticky notes to myself that detail the next steps in a project. My present knows how absentminded my future self is. — @jessebeach

Trenchant Observations

Sure, Steve Jobs made the "black turtleneck/blue jeans/sneakers" look famous... but let's not forget who committed to it first: Jonny Quest. — @BradBirdA113

I believe this is the first time Georgetown has fielded a team entirely selected from its political science department. — @anamariecox

It's not that Clojure/Lisp has a lot of parentheses. Its just that we removed everything else. — @puredanger

I wish to note Android's voice-to-text feature does not handle well the distressed calf noise dawn and I often use to communicate feelings. — @marick

I'm not sure the word Master should be in the name of anything that can be learned in 2 days. I propose 5 years of being called a Scrumster. — @richardadalton

"When the spontaneous symmetry is broken in an evolving environment, here comes modularity." reads like poetry *and* science, though. — @terriko

Just bought a TV for less than the unsubsidized price of an iPhone. It will likely last 10+ years. Can’t see Apple entering this business. — @marcoarment

Just learnt that “pot plant” does not translate accurately from British English to American English. — @Suw

Hey, remember DLLs? More like DLols amirite? Seriously though, DLLs can burn in hell. — @ryan

Sorry to hear about the fire at Chez Panisse. On the plus side, the fire was sourced locally. — @SFNick

It appears that people are using the prefix "artisanal" freely and totally without irony. — @edd

OH: "Red is the new green." — @emmaguy

Profound Musings

I’m wondering where all of the 2 cents go that I keep reading about. Someone must be getting rich. — @rbates

I'm all for buying DRM content that can be switched off in the server. I plan to pay for it with DRM money that has the same property. — @raganwald

It's a fine line between "out of date" and "progressively retro." — @KentBeck

My big question in big data is this: what happens to a domain when most of what is knowable is known? (markets, privacy, crime, etc.) — @edd

What's Apple doing gloating about JD Powers' awards? I thought that was for 2nd tier car makers and insurance agents. — @dhh

What the Rich and Famous Are Doing

Getting my personalized @Makerbot 3D shrunken head with @EverettCase (@MakerBot Store). — @SteveCase

One of the #lemurs had twins! Will keep you posted on all the lemurs' progress. — @richardbranson

First "hottest..." list I have been on and wouldn't you just know it? It's a parody. The 41 hottest guys in tech. — @jayrosen_nyu

8 things to make with leftover socks. — @GuyKawasaki

Movies Refactored

Are we still doing the whole #agilemovies thing? I have plenty more up my sleeve... — @MarkDalgarno

Return to the Planning of the Apes #agilemovies — @tastapod

I know what you shipped last summer #agilemovies — @lassekoskela

Any Which Way You Kanban. #agilemovies — @jasonlittle

The why don’t we just outsource to China Syndrome #agileMovies — @sparrk

To Kill a Mock Object #agilemovies — @jason_a_reid

What About Bob Martin? #agilemovies — @jbrains

...and our personal favorite:

The Never Ending Story #agilemovies — @jboogie

Who Are Those Guys?

First, they’re not all guys. Second, we have to confess that we cleaned up their punctuation and stuff a little. OK, who we followed this month: Marco Arment, Ryan Bates, J. Renée Beach, Kent Beck, Brad Bird, Ryan Block, Reg Braithwaite, Richard Branson, Steve Case, Ana Marie Cox, Mark Dalgarno, Richard Dalton, Anna Debenham, Don't Read Comments, Edd Dumbill, Dan Duvall, Jeff Gothelf, Emma Guy, David Heinemeier Hansson, Brian P. Hogan, Andy Ihnatko, Ron Jeffries, Guy Kawasaki, Lasse Koskela, Kason Little, Brian Marick, Garann Means, Alex Miller, Jen Myers, Dan North, Terri O, James O'Brien, J. B. Rainsberger, Jason Reid, Jay Rosen, Suw, Travis Swicegood, Nick Turner, and Estelle Weyl.

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