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PragPub, May 2013

Table of Contents


  • by Josh Chisholm
    A lot of popular applications were written in Lua. Josh treats Lua as a functional language and makes some sparks fly.
  • by Paul Callaghan
    Paul continues last month's discussion of dependent types.
  • by Allen Holub
    Allen does an end run around the JCP to give Java capabilities it’s missing.
  • by David Bunnell
    Pioneers of personal computing gather for one amazing night at the Living Computer Museum.
  • by Steven K. Roberts
    The legendary gonzo engineer shares his secrets for pursuing crazy dreams and succeeding in this series.


  • by Michael Swaine
    This month we talk code, careers, and computer history.
  • We follow Twitter so you don’t have to.
  • by Johanna Rothman and Andy Lester
    If applying for a job is a test, do you need to show your work?
  • by Michael Swaine
    You only come into this pub for the games. Have at it.
  • Want to meet one of the Pragmatic Bookshelf authors face-to-face? Here’s where they’ll be in the coming months.
  • What’s new and what’s hot from the Pragmatic Bookshelf.
  • by John Shade
    John exposes the Blink Tag Conspiracy.
  • Four personal computing pioneers: software, magazines, hardware, and hacking.