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This past month everybody who was anybody was at Google I/O, as the tweets from the field show. Well, there or sitting outside a bar in Seattle or lost somewhere between to the Sheraton Reston and IAD.

Report from Google I/O

#googleio keynote so far is like a geek Home Depot—tools for these rabidly appreciative developers. — @StevenLevy

Google builds AppAnnie, CrowdIn and TestFlight functionality right into the Android developer console. #googleio — @ginatrapani

The Android developer console now makes beta testing and staged rollout easy. Nice. — @pamelafox

Android app developers to get referral tracking in Google Analytics & will flow to developer console. — @dannysullivan

Maturity of modern Google: 100 minutes in and first (gentle) dig against Apple (for its one-platform messaging app). — @Ihnatko

So is Google Buzz the step below Google High? — @haacked

There’s nothing wrong with #io13 that a good Saturday Mongolian BBQ + Sunday Mexican buffet can’t fix. — @scottdavis99

Status Reports

TSA clown confiscates my girlfriend’s lighter then declares he is going on break... pulling a cigarette from his pocket. — @rit

Go home, Google Maps: you’re drunk. It will not take me 27 minutes to get from the Sheraton Reston to IAD. Even me: #mapguy — @scottdavis99

OK, that’s it. Scoops can wait. It’s a holiday weekend and I’m going to get rained on in peace. — @StevenLevy

Going walking around Seattle. And by “walking” I mean sitting outside the closest bar until it opens. — @jdalrymple

Have convinced the kid that the tooth fairy grinds up kids’ teeth to make tooth paste. #parenting — @doctorow

OH: “You just put your pickle in an olive.” “Yeah, I call that the ‘Popeye.’” — @undees

Pearls of Advice

Optimists optimize. — @emckean

Not taking risks at all is a big risk in itself. — @ellnestam

Whenever I use Siri I call her by her name because it’s nicer. — @SaraJChipps

This Coding Life

Modeling real world data is hard. There’s no way you can get it right without talking to domain experts.... Likewise, if you’re not a domain expert by the time you’re done, I 100% guarantee you didn’t model it correctly. — @tswicegood

It’s amazing how much faster you can code when you don’t care spit about generality and maintainability. — @KentBeck

I am at a Microsoft-sponsored web site and they have “install with cURL” instructions. Times have changed. — @bphogan

If you’re an SF parent that wants to get your kid into coding, see — @pamelafox

Baby steps in a promising direction, rather than staring at the perfect process. #agile — @staffannoteberg

Hey SONOS! 1995 called and wants its confirmation dialog boxes back. #BADUI — @MrAlanCooper

Loved finding out that @louisck’s mother was a computer programmer. — @ginatrapani

Who Are Those Guys?

First, they’re not all guys. Second, we have to confess that we cleaned up their punctuation and stuff a little. OK, who we followed this month: Kent Beck, Sara Chipps, Alan Cooper, Jim Dalrymple, Scott Davis, Ian Dees, Cory Doctorow, Ola Ellnestam, Pamela Fox, Phil Haack, Brian P. Hogan, Andy Ihnatko, Steven Levy, Brendan W. McAdams, Erin McKean, Staffan Nøteberg, Danny Sullivan, Travis Swicegood, and Gina Trapani.

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