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Up Front

From the Secrets of GitHub to Lambdas in C++

by Michael Swaine

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Dave Thomas continues his three-part exploration of the Elixir language this month, taking what we learned last month about pattern matching and seeing how Elixir really shines when it turns its pattern-matching light on functions. But that’s not the only functional programming wisdom we have to share. You actually can do functional programming in C++, and Alfons Haffmans has all the gory details.

This month also sees the end of one series of articles and the beginning of another, both focusing on functional themes. Paul Callaghan is wrapping up his series on functional programming, advanced types, and Haskell, while Michael Bevilacqua-Linn starts a series on Clojure with a look at the enduring virtues of Lisp—as realized in Clojure.

If you’re working on your own little software project that’s going to change the world, chances are that where you’re working on it is on GitHub. But GitHub is itself a software project and a startup business, and the story of how it got started and the funding and pricing decisions made early on has lessons for any entrepreneur. Jack Kaufman interviewed GitHub co-founder and CEO Tom Preston-Werner, and you can read what he has to say here this month.

Johanna Rothman and Andy Lester are back with more insights on your career. This month they are talking about how to do business networking without feeling sleazy. John Shade doesn’t mind feeling sleazy, but he does mind having to read 1346-page books, and shares his thoughts in this issue.

Plus there are all the usual features, including a sudoku/anagram puzzle and from the vault, a picture of the “Father of Visual Basic” from his long-haired hippie days.