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3D Game Programming for Kids, Second Edition in beta

December 13, 2017

Looking for a fun project to tackle with the kids over the holidays? Well what's even better than playing games? Programming your own!

Come get your copy of 3D Game Programming for Kids, Second Edition, now in beta from This book guides you through making your own online games, even if you're an absolute beginner. The new edition is completely revised and enhanced with new programming language features, new 3D effects, and more. If you purchased the first edition directly from us, you'll find an upgrade coupon in your account. If not, then now's the perfect time to jump in and make some online games.

Come and get it today and cross one more item off your holiday list.

3D Game Programming for Kids, Second Edition: Create Interactive Worlds with JavaScript

Jump right in! Start programming cool stuff on page 1. Keep building new and different things until the very last page. This book wants you to play. Not just play games, but play with code. Play with programming. Because the best way to learn something is to have fun with it!

This second edition is updated from start to finish to make it even easier to get started programming in JavaScript. Every example has been updated to make it easier, with new example games to explore and new 3D effects that make your games even more fun! Want a red donut? You can make hundreds of them, spinning around like mad. Want to create a star field? Make a hundred or a thousand stars. Make them red, green, or blue. Explosions? Fireworks? Planets? It's up to you. And, using a code editor created especially for this book, you'll program right in your web browser. You'll see the results of your work and imagination right away – right next to the code that you just typed! Along the way, you'll pick up a ton of programming knowledge, and dive in even deeper with some more advanced chapters.

Whatever you want to do, this book has your back. Best of all, you get to create awesome games and say, "I made this!"

Now in beta from

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