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A Common-Sense Guide to Data Structures and Algorithms

March 15, 2017

Way back in 44 B.C., on this very day, Julius Caesar was famously betrayed by Brutus and company. Could your lack of familiarity with the actual algorithms used in your favorite programming environment come back to haunt you?

Not everyone comes to the profession of programming from a college or university. But as a self-taught professional, you may have a few gaps in your skill set. Even with a degree, that one course on algorithms may be long forgotten.

You can fix that today! Come get a fresh copy of A Common-Sense Guide to Data Structures and Algorithms: Level Up Your Core Programming Skills, now available in beta from

A Common-Sense Guide to Data Structures and Algorithms: Level Up Your Core Programming Skills

Algorithms and data structures are much more than abstract concepts. Mastering them enables you to write code that runs faster and more efficiently, which is particularly important for today's web and mobile apps. This book takes a practical approach to data structures and algorithms, with techniques and real-world scenarios that you can use in your daily production code. Graphics and examples make these computer science concepts understandable and relevant.

Use Big O notation, the primary tool for evaluating algorithms, to measure and articulate the efficiency of your code, and modify your algorithm to make it faster. Find out how your choice of arrays, linked lists, and hash tables can dramatically affect the code you write. Use recursion to solve tricky problems and create algorithms that run exponentially faster than the alternatives. Dig into advanced data structures such as binary trees and graphs to help scale specialized applications such as social networks and mapping software. You'll even encounter a single keyword that can give your code a turbo boost. Jay Wengrow brings to this book the key teaching practices he developed as a web development bootcamp founder and educator.

Use these techniques today to make your code faster and more scalable.

Now available from

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