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Arduino: A Quick-Start Guide now in beta

May 26, 2010

Summer’s coming. Got anything fun planned? How about a nice project using an Arduino? Arduino is an open source single-board microcontroller that’s remarkably inexpensive and simple to learn and program. This quick-start guide will get you started.

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Arduino: A Quick-Start Guide

Packed with fun, useful devices to create, this Quick-Start Guide will help you quickly build your first project—electronic dice. Then you’ll build your own motion-sensing game controller with a three-axis accelerometer.

The Arduino is a perfect platform for building network devices—you’ll learn how to connect it to the Internet and program both client and server applications. In one hands-on project, you’ll build your own burglar alarm that updates your Twitter feed whenever someone’s moving in your living room. Other projects show you how to integrate Nintendo’s Wii Nunchuk into your projects.

Sidebars throughout the book point you to exciting real-world projects using the Arduino, and the “What If It Doesn’t Work” sections help you troubleshoot common problems. This is a hands-on book written to clear away all the questions and obstacles that might otherwise get in your way. With Arduino: A Quick-Start Guide, you can quickly join the world-wide community of hobbyists and professionals who use the Arduino to prototype and develop fun, useful inventions.

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