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Augmented Reality now in print

Augmented Reality now in print and shipping

Well here’s something different. If regular reality isn’t exciting enough, now you can experiment with Augmented Reality—a cool way to kick off your new year. Now shipping in paperback and DRM-free PDF.

See the book’s home page for details or to order.

Augmented Reality is the fusion of real and virtual reality, where computer graphics objects are blended into real footage in real-time. AR creates the illusion that virtual, computer-generated objects exist in the real world.

Augmented Reality is a natural way to explore 3D objects and data, as it brings virtual objects into the real world where you live, rather than forcing you to learn how to navigate inside the computer. With video-see-through technology, AR handheld devices such as tablet PC’s, PDA’s, or camera cell phones, (or in many cases just a webcam and your standard computer monitor), you hold the device up and “see through” the display to view both the real world and the superimposed virtual object. You can move around and see the virtual object, model, animation, or game from different views as the AR system performs alignment of the real and virtual cameras automatically.

This book will introduce you to Augmented Reality (AR), provide detailed explanations of how the technology works, and provide samples for you to try on your own. Code samples using the freely downloadable ARTag software SDK in C++ and C# are included; all you need is a computer, printer, and a webcam.

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