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Bruce Tate takes you From Java to Ruby, now in print

We are very pleased to announce that “From Java To Ruby: Things Every Manager Should Know” is now available and shipping.

Popular Java author Bruce Tate shows you when and where it makes sense to switch your development technology to Ruby—and when it doesn’t.

On a development team, you want to be productive. You want to write flexible, maintainable web applications using the best technology for the job. But how can you justify the move away from established platforms such as JEE? Java developers often know that better languages and environments are out there, but can’t always communicate the benefits to their management chain.

From Java to Ruby has the answers, and it expresses them in a language that’ll help persuade managers and executives who’ve seen it all.

Bruce tells us, “This book fills a vacuum. If this programmer-led revolution is to advance into the enterprise, we must learn how to express how the technical advantages of Ruby help solve business problems in ways that Java can’t. After interviewing customers, visionaries, and Ruby programmers for this book I am convinced that Ruby represents a fundamental advancement over Java.”

If you’re a manager, this book tells you the risks and rewards associated with Ruby (and Rails) development, tells you the skills you’ll need in your developers, and warns you of the problems you may run into along the way.

If you’re a developer, this book gives you the vocabulary to be able to discuss technology choices with your organization, and helps you identify and scope those projects best suited to this exciting new technology alternative.
Readers and reviewers have already successfully applied the ideas in this book to real-word problems and projects.

With this book in hand, you can too.

Now available from the book’s home page

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Thanks for your continued support, and happy summer reading!

Andy and Dave