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Build an Awesome PC, 2014 Edition, now in print

May 28, 2014

Software doesn't do much good at all without hardware to run on. And sometimes you need all the hardware muscle you can get—all for professional programming, of course. If your new PC happens to run games too, well, so much the better.

Mike Riley will show you how to custom-build your own dream PC, have fun doing it, and save yourself a lot of money in the process with Build an Awesome PC, 2014 Edition: Easy Steps to Construct the Machine You Need, now available from (paper books start shipping next week.)

Yeah, it's a hardware problem. But Mike shows you how to solve it.

Build an Awesome PC, 2014 Edition: Easy Steps to Construct the Machine You Need

Build your own high-end personal computer capable of running the latest cutting-edge software. Easy-to-follow instructions and plenty of photos show you how to assemble your computer from start to finish, carefully pointing out areas of interest and best practices for each major component used.

All PC parts from power supplies, graphics cards, RAM, CPUs, cooling fans, and cases are covered, along with a number of PC peripherals. The book will give you the confidence and freedom to build your PC just the way you want it. Each chapter focuses on a major PC function, shows you the best parts to buy, and illustrates how they fit within the build. Start with a well ventilated case and energy efficient power supply. Then install a state-of-the-art motherboard and blazingly fast CPU. Add ultra-fast memory along with solid state and traditional disk-based storage. Connect the power and data cables to this cutting-edge collection of hardware. Finish up with a multi-functional keyboard, mouse, and other high-end peripherals.

With each step, you'll discover how the computer technologies recommended in the book work together to deliver the ultimate PC hardware experience. And once you're finished building your new PC, you'll learn additional techniques that will future-proof it for years to come.

Get your copy today from Paper books will start shipping next week.

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