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Code with the Wisdom of the Crowd: Get Better Together with Mob Programming, in print

July 18, 2018

Build systems faster and more effectively with Mob Programming. Mob Programming is a natural extension of the popular Pair Programming concept. But don't guess, see how to do it the right way with Code with the Wisdom of the Crowd: Get Better Together with Mob Programming, now in print and shipping from

Come and get it, and get mobbing today!


Code with the Wisdom of the Crowd: Get Better Together with Mob Programming

Mob Programming is a natural extension of the popular Pair Programming concept and is not restricted to a specific programming language or technology. It can be used by anyone who develops software, including dev leads, software developers, and agile coaches. When you have more people working on a bug or feature, you get fewer dependencies on individuals and overall increased learning for everyone involved. With more eyes on the code, you'll find you develop better solutions with fewer defects.

Set up your team for success by introducing Mob Programming in a way that benefits them. Create a good first Mobbing experience for your team with a template that avoids the common traps beginners may fall into. Master a collaborative and empathic mindset to help optimize the Mobbing experience. Learn how to make adjustments when things go wrong. Adapt your mobbing to different types of development tasks. Get management buy-in for your Mobbing experiment by demonstrating the benefits. Discover the equipment and resources you need and how to adjust your workspace for an effective mob.

Get important features to market sooner, squish bugs faster, and collaborate better today with Mob Programming.

Now in print and shipping from

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