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CoffeeScript: Accelerated JavaScript Development, Second Edition

October 08, 2014

Over the last five years, CoffeeScript has taken the web development world by storm. With the humble motto "It's just JavaScript," CoffeeScript provides all the power of the JavaScript language in a friendly and elegant package.

Newly revised and updated, come get your morning CoffeeScript from If you previously purchased the first edition directly from, you'll see an upgrade coupon in your account good for 35% off this new second edition.

CoffeeScript: Accelerated JavaScript Development, Second Edition

This new edition has been extensively revised and updated to reflect the current state and features of CoffeeScript. Every chapter has been revised and refactored, and new sections and a new chapter on testing have been added. If you already know JavaScript, this book will make your transition to CoffeeScript easy. If you're new to JavaScript, it's a great place to start.

New in this edition:

  • Automating setup with the Grunt task runner
  • Using CoffeeScript classes with the Backbone framework
  • Using CoffeeScript's simple callback syntax to interact with the Express framework
  • A new chapter on client-side and server-side testing with Mocha
  • A new project that gives you hands-on experience with browser-side and server-side CoffeeScript

CoffeeScript is every bit as portable and effective as JavaScript. It aids development by adding a bevy of features, such as classes, splats, list comprehensions, and destructuring. These features make it easier to write clear, readable code, and by learning how these features work, you'll deepen your understanding of JavaScript as well. This book is your complete guide to writing better JavaScript code, faster.

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