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Confident Ruby

April 16, 2014

For many programmers, discovering Ruby is a revelation. They are overjoyed by how elegantly and succinctly they can state problems in the language. But then the real world creeps in, and that joy gradually wanes as the code becomes cluttered with distracting edge case scenarios, error handling, and checks for nil.

Ready to write some Confident Ruby? Come on over to and grab yourself a copy.

Your code will thank you for it.

Confident Ruby

Confident Ruby is a guide to recapturing the joy of writing Ruby by employing small patterns and stylistic choices to make each method tell a coherent story. Over the course of 32 patterns, you’ll learn how to isolate uncertainty at the borders of your code; how to avoid repetitive conditionals; and how to liberate your code from the chore of nil-checking. You’ll discover the four parts of a method, and how to use those parts to construct a narrative. Following along with real-world refactoring sessions, you’ll learn how to apply these lessons to legacy code.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced Ruby hacker, this book will help you become a more confident and joyful programmer.

Foreword by Sandi Metz, author of Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby.

This book was written and produced entirely by the author. We are proud to be distributing it.

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