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Crafting Rails 4 Applications; Raspberry Pi

December 18, 2013

'Tis the season! On this day in 1892 that holiday favorite The Nutcracker premiered in Saint Petersburg. If dancing sugar plums aren't making it for you, perhaps Crafting Rails Apps might be more appealing.

Now in print and shipping, this second edition of the bestselling Crafting Rails Applications has been updated to Rails 4 and discusses new topics such as streaming, mountable engines, and thread safety. Check out for details.

Or if DIY is more your style, learn the basics of the Raspberry Pi, progress to controlling the Pi, and then build your own electronics projects with the newly updated Raspberry Pi: A Quick-Start Guide (2nd ed), now in beta at

See below for more gift ideas in our Holiday Gift Guide. No lines, no crowds, and instant delivery for ebooks and audio books for programmers and their families!

Crafting Rails 4 Applications: Expert Practices for Everyday Rails Development

Rails is one of the most extensible frameworks out there. This pioneering book deep-dives into the Rails plugin APIs and shows you, the intermediate Rails developer, how to use them to write better web applications and make your day-to-day work with Rails more productive.

Rails Core developer José Valim guides you through eight different tutorials, each using test-driven development to build a new Rails plugin or application that solves common problems with these APIs. You'll learn how the Rails rendering stack works and customize it to read templates from the database while you discover how to mimic Active Record behavior, such as validations, in any other object. You'll find out how Rails integrates with Rack, the different ways to stream data from your web application, and how to mix Rails engines and Sinatra applications into your Rails apps, so you can choose the most appropriate tool for the job. In addition, you'll improve your productivity by customizing generators and responders.

This book will help you understand Rails' inner workings, including generators, template handlers, internationalization, routing, and responders. With the knowledge you'll gain, you'll create well-tested, modular, and robust solutions for your next project.

Now in print and shipping from

Raspberry Pi: A Quick-Start Guide (2nd ed)

Get your Raspberry Pi up and running and doing cool stuff. You'll start with the basics: adding hardware, installing and configuring Debian Linux, and customizing the Pi's firmware to get the most out of your hardware.

Then the fun begins. You'll connect the Pi to your home network, surf the web, and tweet messages. You'll learn how to get the most out of Midori, the Pi's standard browser, and control the desktops of other PCs with the Pi. Then you'll explore the Pi's versatility with a series of home projects. Turn it into a web server in your home network; convert the Pi into a powerful multimedia center so you can watch high-definition video and listen to your favorite music; and play classic video games.

Then you'll use the GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi to build your own electronics projects, such as an "out of memory" alarm. You'll learn how to use digital and analog sensors with the Pi‚ even though the Pi doesn't have analog input ports! Finally, you'll set up the Pi camera, create your own time-lapse videos, and build an automatic e-mailing burglar alarm. Power to the Pi!
Now in beta from

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