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Crafting Rails Applications and special Arduino Issue of PragPub

April 06, 2011

Ready to take your Rails expertise to the next level? You need Rails Core developer José Valim’s Crafting Rails Applications: Expert Practices for Everyday Rails Development, now in print and shipping from

Set up the soldering iron, it’s time for some Arduino fun. This month’s special issue of PragPub magazine is all about the Arduino. Now available, free to read and share, from And don’t miss John Shade’s take on Oracle’s acquisition of Sun.

Go to our Pragmatic Studio this summer and learn Clojure! Hurry for the early-bird discount, see for details.

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Crafting Rails Applications: Expert Practices for Everyday Rails Development

This pioneering book is the first resource that deep dives into the new Rails 3 APIs and show how you use them to write better web applications and make your day-to-day work with Rails more productive.

Rails Core developer José Valim guides you through seven different tutorials, each of them using test-driven development to build a new Rails extension or application that solves common problems with these new APIs. You will understand how the Rails rendering stack works and customize it to read templates from the database while you learn how to mimic Active Record behavior, such as validations, in any other object. You will find out how to write faster, leaner controllers, and you’ll learn how to mix Sinatra applications into your Rails apps, so you can choose the most appropriate tool for the job. In addition, you will improve your productivity by customizing generators and responders.

This book will help you understand Rails 3’s inner workings, including generators, template handlers, internationalization, routing, and responders. With the knowledge you’ll gain, you’ll be ready to tackle complicated projects more easily than ever before, creating solutions that are well-tested, modular, and easy to maintain.

Now in print and shipping from

Special Arduino Issue

Welcome to our first-ever Arduino issue! Arduino, as the whole geek-speaking world knows by now, is an extremely accessible open-source single-board microcontroller designed for pursuing electronics projects. Also as the whole geek-speaking world knows by now, Arduino is very popular. Over 100,000 boards have been sold so far, and the fascination shows no signs of abating.

We’re a hard-core software developers’ magazine, so that’s the approach we’re taking to Arduino in this issue. We figure you want to get into this popular open-source electronics prototyping platform, but you don’t want to have to work with development tools designed for artists and hobbyists. So Arduino master Maik Schmidt shows you how to develop software for Arduino in a professional way. Ian Dees gets into the act, too, showing you how to bring serious software testing to the Arduino. Just because it’s a hobby doesn’t mean you don’t need power tools.

Of course we also have lots of other good stuff in this packed issue. Jeff Langr and Tim Ottinger offer up a thoughtful article on Test Abstraction, Dan Wohlbruck offers another in his series on computer history, John Shade has some thoughts on Sun, Oracle, and the Doomed List, and there is a quiz (Arduino-themed, of course).

Now available, free to read and share, from

Learn to Program Clojure This Summer

Are you curious about functional programming? Do you enjoy working in low-ceremony languages such as Ruby or Python? Are you a Java programmer or a developer who cares about concurrency? If so, then you owe it to yourself to check out Clojure. And we’ve scheduled a Clojure Programming Studio this summer where you can learn directly from two leaders in the Clojure community:

  • June 22-24 in Reston, VA

In this 3-day, hands-on course, you’ll learn how to write Clojure applications from Stuart Halloway and Stuart Sierra, two leading Clojure programmers and authors. You’ll come away from this course with a new perspective on programming and a deep understanding of both the why and how of Clojure.

Details available at

Sign up before April 30st to get the early-bird discount.

We hope you’ll join us and have some fun this summer learning a new programming language!

Coming Soon:

  • Test-Driven Development for Embedded C in print
  • Continuous Testing: with Ruby, Rails and JavaScript in print
  • Code in the Cloud: Programming Google AppEngine in print
  • Programming Concurrency on the JVM: Mastering Synchronization, STM, and Actors in print

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  • Programming Concurrency on the JVM: Mastering Synchronization, STM, and Actors [in beta]
  • iOS Recipes: Tips and Tricks for Awesome iPhone and iPad Apps [in beta]
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