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Create Your Successful Agile Project, Audio Book; August PragPub Magazine now available

August 07, 2019

Now available in audio book format, Johanna Rothman's classic Create Your Successful Agile Project.

Create Your Successful Agile Project, Audio Book

You've tried to use an off-the-shelf approach to agile techniques, and it's not working. Instead of a standard method or framework, work from agile and lean principles to design your own agile approach in a way that works for you. Build collaborative, cross-functional teams. See how small batch sizes and frequent delivery create an environment of trust and transparency between the team, management, and customers. Learn about the interpersonal skills that help agile teams work together so well.

In addition to seeing work and knowing what "done" means, you'll see examples of many possible team-based measurements. Look at tools you can use for status reporting, and how to use those measurements to help your managers understand what agile techniques buy them. Recognize the traps that prevent agile principles from working in too many organizations, and what to do about those traps. Use agile techniques for workgroups, and see what managers can do to create and nurture an agile culture. You might be surprised at how few meetings and rituals you need to still work in an agile way.

Johanna's signature frankness and humor will get you on the right track to design your agile project to succeed.

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August PragPub Magazine

Mike Swaine has been following developments in artificial intelligence since he dropped out of a graduate program in psychology and transferred to computer science. To give you an idea how long ago this was, he was reading Douglas Hofstadter’s 1980 Pulitzer Prize–winning Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid at the time — in manuscript. AI has seen some ups and downs over those decades, but these days should be sorted into the up bin. We’ve had AI winters: it feels like we’re now in an AI summer.
This month we begin a series on artificial intelligence by Eric Redmond. In his first article, he reviews the history of AI and surveys its modern applications. In subsequent articles, he will dig into the technologies underlying the modern developments in AI and then turn his eye to some of the societal concerns around AI, and the challenges ahead.

Antonio Cangiano tracks all the new tech books for us, and this month his attention also focuses on artificial intelligence. “AI is going to transform virtually every industry and society at large,” he says, and his pick of the month, Generative Deep Learning: Teaching Machines to Paint, Write, Compose, and Play by David Foster, shows how AI is even changing those subjects we (used to?) call the humanities.

Last month we celebrated the tenth Anniversary of PragPub by revisiting some of the classic articles of the past 120 issues. Afterward, we regretted leaving out some excellent articles, so for the next few months we’re going to replay an old favorite each issue to let you read some of the classics we weren’t able to fit into the anniversary Issue. This month, it’s Bruce Tate’s excellent exposition of two language features that rock: pattern matching and list comprehensions.

We also have the next installment of Mark Kilby and Johanna Rothman’s series on geographically distributed agile teams, this month addressing the importance and the challenge of giving equal access to tools across your distributed team.

And there’s more! Marcus Blankenship rhapsodizes about good work relationships, John Shade weighs in on adversarial interoperability, and there’s a puzzle. We hope you enjoy this August issue of PragPub.

Now available from

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  • 2019-08-07 Michael Keeling,
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