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Debug It! in print

Three things are certain: Death. Taxes. Debugging. For those first two you’re own your own, but if you’re a programmer, we can help you handle the third. Debug It! is now in print and shipping.

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Debug It!

Author Paul Butcher says, “Debugging is one of the few completely unavoidable software development tasks. It’s a certainty that at some point, you’re going to have to write code and at some other point (possibly very soon after the first!) you’re going to have to debug it.”

These secrets of professional debugging will show you how to handle every stage of the bug life-cycle, from constructing software that makes debugging easy, through detection, reproduction, diagnosis and rolling out your eventual fix.

Whether you’re writing Java or assembly language, targeting servers or embedded micro-controllers, using agile or traditional approaches, the same basic bug-fixing principles apply.

You’ll learn an empirical approach which leverages your software’s unique ability to show you what’s really happening; the importance of finding a reliable and convenient means of reproducing a bug; how to avoid common pitfalls. You’ll see how to use commonly available tools to automatically detect problems before they’re reported by customers. You’ll construct “self-debugging” software that automatically provides access to crucial information, and identifies the broken assumptions that lead to bugs.

You can continue to just wing it, or you could start a professional approach to debugging today. Debug It! will show you how.

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