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December PragPub Magazine; Author Jared Richardson passes away

December 07, 2016

It's December already, as 2016 comes to close, come and get the latest issue of PragPub magazine, now available from

We also have some sad news to deliver: Pragmatic Author, Screencast Editor, and good friend Jared Richardson passed away Wednesday, December 7, 2016.

Jared was a beloved husband, father, brother, and son who has touched many lives. In his professional career, Jared was a consultant, developer, tester, and manager, including Director of Development at several companies. He was the author of two books, Ship It! and Career 2.0, and was the 2nd public signatory of the Agile Manifesto. Jared was Screencast Editor for the Pragmatic Bookshelf, and co-founded The GROWS™ Method. He started AgileRTP in 2007 and is well known as a coach and consultant through his company, Agile Artisans.

In lieu of flowers, donations for Jared's children can be made via

December PragPub Magazine

The December issue of PragPub features Apple’s Swift language, with code-rich articles from three savvy Swift practitioners.

Erica Sadun, author of the forthcoming Swift Style from the Pragmatic Bookshelf (, poses a puzzle for the reader, focusing on matrix math, translations, rotations, concatenations, and other polysyllabic perturbations.

Janie Clayton, co-author of iOS 10 SDK Development, contributed two articles to the issue. In one, she works through a case study of working within Swift with a legacy C library, and shows that even when you’re hiding that C code in a nice Swift wrapper, you still have to think like a C programmer. In the other, she works through one problem two ways: as solved in the pre-Swift days, and as solved today. In the process, she comes to appreciate the importance of rethinking the entire problem in the light of modern paradigms.

And Natasha Murashev, whose Swift articles have appeared here before, offers a caution about a Swift feature that can easily be misused—with unfortunate consequences.


If you’re a manager or have ever led a team, you may be able to cite cases where you really connected with a team member, heard their issue, gained their trust, and empowered them to do their best work. Maybe you can cite a lot of such instances. And then maybe there are those team members you didn’t have such great rapport with. You kept it more professional, and didn’t intuitively trust them to get it right.

If so, your problem was bigger than a less-than-perfect relationship with those employees. You had a structural problem with your entire team, because you created an in-group and an out-group. Without meaning to, merely because you were in a position of power, you replicated high school.

How do you, as manager or team lead, avoid creating cliques in your business or team? Marcus Blankenship has been there and has solved that problem, and he shares his insights with you this month.

In her column on managing product development this month, Johanna Rothman shares three powerful agile techniques. Even if fully embracing agile practices doesn’t work for your project, you should consider these three techniques that can benefit any task.

And there’s more: Antonio Cangiano has all the new tech books, your editor has the latest tech news, and we have another puzzle for you, as well as the conclusion to our series on Ted Nelson and his 50-year project Xanadu. We hope you enjoy it.

Now available from

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