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Deliver Audacious Web Apps with Ember 2

June 10, 2015

Every so often we get a bunch of requests for a particular topic—something that's becoming popular, that everyone is starting to use, and that needs a Pragmatic Bookshelf book. This time, that topic is Ember, a popular JavaScript framework, and the book is Deliver Audacious Web Apps with Ember 2. Yes, you read that right—audacious. Dare to dream big.

Find out how you can get your crucial app infrastructure up and running quickly, so you can spend your time on the stuff great apps are made of: features. Get started with Ember today. Now available from

Deliver Audacious Web Apps with Ember 2

With its 2.0 release, the Ember JavaScript framework has taken a major step forward. In this book, you'll learn these new features: how to use module-driven development with Ember CLI, take advantage of the new DOM-based rendering engine, and use a service-based architecture to make your apps flexible, not brittle.

Use the Ember CLI to build your app using module-focused JavaScript classes with a clear project structure. Learn how to use Ember's routing classes to organize your app, write web components that marry your user interface and logic without leaky access to state, and read and write data from RESTful services with almost no code. Make use of services to encapsulate logic and inject it throughout your app, and use Ember CLI to rapidly iterate changes, deploy locally, test your code, and build for production. You'll learn all the essentials of working with Ember.

If you're tired of feeling limited by your web development tools, unleash your ambition and start creating ambitious web applications with Ember.

Now available from

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