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Deploying Rails: Automate, Deploy, Scale, Maintain, and Sleep at Night

July 18, 2012

Two fun things this week: First, Deploying Rails: Automate, Deploy, Scale, Maintain, and Sleep at Night is now in print and shipping. Get a copy to dog-ear on your desk.

Second, in addition to synching via Dropbox (see our FAQ), which we’ve had for a while, you can now also send your epub to Readmill, for social highlighting and sharing.

Read on for details.

Deploying Rails

Deploying Rails takes you on an expertly guided tour of the current best practices in Rails deployment and management. You’ll find in-depth explanations on effectively running a Rails app by leveraging popular open source tools such as Puppet, Capistrano, and Vagrant. Then you’ll go beyond deployment and learn how to use Ganglia and Nagios to monitor your application’s health and gather metrics so you can head off problems before they happen.

You’ll start out by building your own virtual environment by writing scripts to provision a production server with Vagrant and Puppet. Then you’ll leverage the popular Rails deployment tool Capistrano to deploy an application into this infrastructure. Once the app is live, you’ll monitor your application’s health with Nagios, and configure Ganglia to collect system metrics. Finally, you’ll see how to keep your data backed up, recover data when things go wrong, tame your log files, and use Puppet to automate everything along the way.

If you’re a Rails developer who wants a better understanding of the needs of a production Rails system, if you’re a system administrator who wants to manage a Rails application, or if you’re bridging the gap between development and operations, this book will be your roadmap to successful production deployment and maintenance, whether your application has ten users or ten million users.

Now in print and shipping from


Readmill is a community of curious readers, highlighting and sharing the books they love. It’s been called “a social network for bookworms to share their reading habits, margin notes and recommendations” and has caught the attention of Fast Company, TechCrunch, Der Spiegel, and others.

On our site, when you download an ebook, you can optionally send it to your Readmill account:

Once it’s in Readmill, you can use their reader application to highlight, comment, and share passages of your favorite Pragmatic Bookshelf titles.

And look around, you might even find Andy and Dave reading something interesting.

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