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Desktop GIS, Advanced Rails Recipes in print, new Podcast!


Advanced Rails Recipes: 84 New Ways to Build Stunning Rails Apps_ is now in print and shipping. Advanced Rails Recipes keeps you on the cutting edge of Rails 2.0 development and continues to turn the fast-paced Rails framework to your advantage. This book is filled with pragmatic recipes you’ll use on every Rails project. And by taking the code in these recipes and slipping it into your application you’ll not only deliver your application quicker, you’ll do so with the confidence that it’s done right.

Desktop GIS: Mapping the Planet with Open Source Tools is now available in Beta. From Google Maps to iPhone apps, geographic data and visualization is quickly becoming a standard part of life. This book will give you an understanding of the Open Source GIS landscape, along with a detailed look at the major desktop applications, including GRASS, Quantum GIS, uDig, spatial databases, GMT, and other command line tools. Finally, the book exposes you to scripting in the OSGIS world, using Python, shell, and other languages to visualize, digitize, and analyze your data.

New Podcast: Join us as Daniel Steinberg interviews Pragmatic co-founder Dave Thomas. Dave explains a bit about how we started the publishing business, and our unique production process and its separation of content from presentation. You’ll hear all about reader involvement in our books, what makes a Pragmatic book, and Dave’s take on the book industry as a whole. Dave reminds us of why we’re in this business: for the joy and passion of programming.

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