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Domain Modeling Made Functional

May 31, 2017

Life feels a lot like a race sometimes. Coincidentally, on this day in 1911, the first Indianapolis 500 winner crossed the finish line at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. To win, you need great equipment and the skill to know how to use it.

For today's race, you want increased customer satisfaction, faster development cycles, and less wasted work. Domain-driven design (DDD) combined with functional programming is the innovative combo that will get you there. Learn the skills you need with Domain Modeling Made Functional: Tackle Software Complexity with Domain-Driven Design and F#, now in beta from

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Domain Modeling Made Functional: Tackle Software Complexity with Domain-Driven Design and F#

Domain-driven design is a well-established approach to designing software that ensures that domain experts and developers work together effectively to create high-quality software. This book is the first to combine DDD with techniques from statically typed functional programming. This book is perfect for newcomers to DDD or functional programming—all the techniques you need will be introduced and explained.

Model a complex domain accurately using the F# type system, creating compilable code that is also readable documentation—-ensuring that the code and design never get out of sync. Encode business rules in the design so that you have "compile-time unit tests," and eliminate many potential bugs by making illegal states unrepresentable. Assemble a series of small, testable functions into a complete use case, and compose these individual scenarios into a large-scale design. Discover why the combination of functional programming and DDD leads naturally to service-oriented and hexagonal architectures. Finally, create a functional domain model that works with traditional databases, NoSQL, and event stores, and safely expose your domain via a website or API.

Solve real problems by focusing on real-world requirements for your software.

Now in beta from

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