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Effective Testing with RSpec 3: Build Ruby Apps with Confidence

February 15, 2017

ENIAC, the first real, electronic, computer, was officially launched on this day in 1946—seventy one years ago. Relatively speaking, we're still very new at this whole "computer" thing; still trying to discover better ways of creating software to fuel our world.

One "newer" technique you might find successful is a BDD-style outside-in workflow using RSpec, the popular Ruby testing framework. Download that, and then come and read the techniques and strategies that will make it work for you in Effective Testing with RSpec 3: Build Ruby Apps with Confidence.

Don't have time to read a whole book?

In that case, consider that in this hyper-competitive, globally-scoped economy, that one who doesn't read has no advantage over one who can't read.

And then come and get this book today from Don't wait.

Effective Testing with RSpec 3: Build Ruby Apps with Confidence

RSpec has been downloaded more than 40 million times. Find out how to use this influential Ruby testing framework to iteratively develop a project with the confidence that comes from well-tested code. Effective Testing With RSpec 3 guides you through developing a Ruby project with RSpec, and then explores the individual components in more detail.

First, learn the basics of installing and using RSpec. Then, build a real-world JSON API, using RSpec throughout the process to drive a BDD-style outside-in workflow. Apply an effective test strategy to write fast, robust tests that support evolutionary design through refactoring. The rest of the book provides the definitive guide to RSpec's components. Use RSpec::Core's metadata to slice and dice your spec suite in flexible ways. Dig into RSpec::Expectation's matchers, which can be composed in flexible ways to precisely specify expected outcomes and get good failure messages that help you quickly diagnose the problem. Write fast, isolated tests with RSpec::Mocks test doubles while pushing your code toward simpler interfaces.

The authors, with a combined 20 years of automated testing experience, share useful, actionable testing advice that will help you have a fun, productive testing experience.

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