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Fixing Your Scrum; Programmer Passport: Prolog

January 15, 2020

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  4. Fixing Your Scrum
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Are you using Scrum? Are you happy with it? Or is it broken, a little or a lot? See how to fix your Scrum and solve the most common issues facing development teams today with Fixing Your Scrum: Practical Solutions to Common Scrum Problems. The ebook is now content complete and available from For the paperback edition, please support your local independent bookstore.

Joe Armstrong, creator of Erlang, passed away on April, 20, 2019. Today, our friends at Groxio are launching their Joe Armstrong tribute on Programmer Passport. For the first time, you can get one week of each of the next three languages for free.

Groxio Tribute to Joe Armstrong

You could say that Programmer Passport would not exist without Joe. The series is based on the best-selling Seven Languages in Seven Weeks book. It was Joe who mentored Bruce Tate in the Prolog and Erlang languages, and who opened the door to a greater audience by providing his kind voice in a foreword to the book. The two programmers remained friends until Joe’s passing.

Groxio will kick off the series on January 15 with one of Joe’s favorite languages, Prolog. Elang's syntax and pattern matching are heavily informed by Prolog. Then, on to Elixir on March 16, the language based on Erlang. You'll see some of Joe’s favorite Elixir features, including for-comprehensions and binary pattern matching. Finally, Groxio will wrap things up with an exploration of OTP on May 15, the library that allows unprecedented reliability and performance on both Erlang and Elixir.

To join in, just go to and create an account if you’ve not already done so. Prolog will be available for free at from 1/15 through 1/21. If you like what you see, you can stay involved for $15/month or $150/year.

Fixing Your Scrum: Practical Solutions to Common Scrum Problems

A Scrum Master needs to know when their team is in trouble and understand how to help them get back on the path to delivery. Become a better Scrum master so you can find the problems holding your teams back. Has your Daily Scrum turned into a meeting? Does your team struggle with creating user stories? Are stakeholders disengaged during Sprint Review? These issues are common. Learn to use empiricism as your guide and help your teams create great products.

Scrum is so much more than a checklist of practices to follow, yet that's exactly how many organizations practice it. Bring life back to your Scrum events by using advanced facilitation techniques to leverage the full intelligence of your team. Improve your retrospectives with new formats and exercises. Ask powerful questions that spark introspection and improvement. Get support and buy-in from management. Use Scrum as a competitive advantage for your organization. Create a definition of done that improves quality and fix failing sprints.

Take the next step on your journey as a Scrum master. Transform your Scrum practices to help your teams enjoy their work again as they deliver high-quality products that bring value to the world.

Now in print: The ebook is content complete and available from For the paperback edition, please support your local independent bookstore.

Programmer Passport: Prolog

Today, Prolog is widely used in academic settings to illustrate constraint logic programming, a programming family that involves establishing a domain and constraints to express a program. The solutions algorithms are left to the language! In this book, you’ll explore some iconic programming problems, including solving a sudoku, the map coloring problem, and the eight queens problem. Then, you’ll explore graphs and the navigation of schedules. Don’t miss this one!

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