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Fresh articles; Pomodoro in print

Thank you to everyone who took advantage of our sale last week. Only a couple of servers melted into a puddle of molten slag under the incredible inrush of eager readers. We’ve got plenty more :-).

Now for everyone who’s sick and tired of turkey leftovers, we’ve got something to cleanse your palette. A whole serving of brand-new, fresh articles in issue #6 of our magazine, PragPub.

Did you know that some people still haven’t heard about our magazine? Please do us a favor and email a copy (or a link) to two of your friends. Ideally we’d like them to do the same. Geometric progression, you know.

Pomodoro Technique Illustrated now in print

Do you ever look at the clock and wonder where the day went? You spent all this time at work and didn’t come close to getting everything done. Tomorrow, try something new. Use the Pomodoro Technique, originally developed by Francesco Cirillo, to work in focused sprints throughout the day. In Pomodoro Technique Illustrated, Staffan Nöteberg shows you how to organize your work to accomplish more in less time.

You have so much you need to accomplish today. Your list is a mile long and you find yourself getting interrupted every other minute. You’d like to tell everyone to leave you alone, but most of the interruptions are coming from you! You think of a phone call you need to make or a web site you need to check and before you know it you’re answering email, checking Twitter, and finding a million other things to occupy your time.

You need to focus—really focus.

The Pomodoro Technique puts you back in charge of your day. You’ll apply successful techniques from software engineering to identify what you should be doing today and to help you achieve your goals. Your mind won’t wander when it is fully engaged in short bursts of focused activity.

Don’t wait for New Year’s to make a resolution: you can start right now. Learn to work less and accomplish more. The Pomodoro Technique Illustrated will show you how.

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PragPub Issue #6

In the December issue, Dan Haywood invites you to go naked, while Jason Huggins argues for dressing up. Steve Peter wants to bulk you up with home-made bread, while Daniel Steinberg wants to put you on a diet. Andy Lester, who usually advises people on how to get good jobs, suggests how to hang onto a bad one. Dave Thomas has our cover process covered, Michael Swaine writes about writing, and John Shade ponders whether Google’s Go is a goer. And don’t forget Paul Butcher, who reminds us all to forgive—and remember.

Plus our usual features of Choice Bits, The Quiz, Calendar, and more. Available for free (as in beer) from Read and pass on to your friends in PDF, mobi, or epub formats.

Coming Soon:

  • Security on Rails in print
  • Domain-Driven Design Using Naked Objects in print
  • The RSpec Book: Behaviour Driven Development with RSpec, Cucumber, and Friends in print
  • ExpressionEngine in beta
  • … and another surprise.

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