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Full-Stack GraphQL on video

September 04, 2019

In 1951, the first live transcontinental television broadcast hit the global airwaves on this day. It was a milestone in broadcasting information to a worldwide audience. But there's an inherent problem with the broadcast model: you can only get what's sent, you can't specify details of what you want.

And so it has been with server APIs. But now GraphQL puts the client in control: you can fetch exactly the data you need and nothing more. See how, using Elixir and Absinthe in this video series from our friends at The Pragmatic Studio. Read on for details.

How to Design and Code a Full-Stack GraphQL App with Absinthe + Phoenix + React

Gone are the days when the server got to decide the shape of an API's response data. GraphQL now puts the client in control. Fetch exactly the data you need and nothing more. (Wait, what is GraphQL?)

Absinthe is a world-class GraphQL implementation in Elixir. Combine that with the super-fast Phoenix framework, and you've got yourself a robust, high-performance GraphQL API. Then use Apollo React on the frontend for a seriously cool full-stack application.

Let The Pragmatic Studio show you how all the pieces come together in a real-world application that includes:

  • GraphQL Schemas
  • Queries and Mutations
  • Subscriptions over Phoenix Channels
  • Resolvers
  • Error and Loading States
  • Ecto Schemas
  • Dataloader
  • Authentication
  • Apollo Client
  • React-Apollo Components
  • Client-Side Caching
  • Pagination

There's no need to piece together the solution for yourself. Use this full-stack application as a springboard for creating your own GraphQL apps!

The full course includes:

  • 4.5 hours in easy-to-digest portions
  • 37 streamable and downloadable videos (all with English subtitles)
  • 17 animations exploring key design elements
  • All the source code, of course!
  • Never-ending access (no monthly subscription)

Find out just how GraphQL is revolutionizing the way developers build APIs!

"I'm new to both Phoenix/Elixir and GraphQL but found this course to be very helpful. Everything was well-explained. Every single detail is referenced. No stone is left unturned and all the sections are well-paced.” – Conroy Whitney

Get the course for only $59 through September 10th.

Now available at

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