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Functional Programming in Java and PragPub

March 06, 2013

One way or another, you will be doing functional programming. You might even have to do it before you know it. Better to know it first. If you work in Java, the new Java 8 makes the transition easy. Get started with Functional Programming in Java: Harnessing the Power of Java 8 Lambda Expressions now in beta at

And a new month brings the latest issue of PragPub magazine, now at Enjoy and tell your friends!

Functional Programming in Java: Harnessing the Power of Java 8 Lambda Expressions

Lambda expressions are lightweight, highly concise anonymous methods backed by functional interfaces in Java 8. You can use them to leap forward into a whole new world of programming in Java. With functional programming capabilities, which have been around for decades in other languages, you can now write elegant, concise, less error-prone code using standard Java. This book will guide you though the paradigm change, offer the essential details about the new features, and show you how to transition from your old way of coding to an improved style.

In this book you’ll see popular design patterns, such as decorator, builder, and strategy, come to life to solve common design problems, but with little ceremony and effort. With these new capabilities in hand, Functional Programming in Java will help you pick up techniques to implement designs that were beyond easy reach in earlier versions of Java. You’ll see how you can reap the benefits of tail call optimization, memoization, and effortless parallelization techniques.

Java 8 will change the way you write applications. If you’re eager to take advantage of the new features in the language, this is the book for you.

Now in beta from

PragPub, March 2013

Passion and pragmatism is the theme of this issue of PragPub. Turns out they can go hand-in-hand.

Pragmatism—well, yes, this is the Pragmatic Bookshelf, but we’re specifically talking in this issue about making a living as a programmer. Johanna Rothman looks at one side of the process of hiring, particularly finding people who fit into your agile team. And Andy Lester looks at the same situation from the perspective of the programmer looking to be hired.

Matthias Günther offers up some pragmatic advice, too, in his series on the Pomodoro Technique.

But for most of you, programming isn’t just a paycheck, it’s your passion. Jonathan Rasmusson and Steven K. Roberts both weigh in on the side of following your passion even when the world says you’re crazy. Jonathan articulates the crucial difference between personal startups and speculative ones. You shouldn’t make decisions about a personal startup in the same way you would make decisions about a speculative one. And Steven, whose own projects include building a technobike and riding it across America, continues his series on following your passion through gonzo engineering.

Where the magic happens, though, is in that spot where passion and pragmatism come together. So Steven reveals all of his funding secrets—ways he’s found to get strangers to give you the wherewithal to pursue your personal dream. Jonathan reminds us that fortunes are sometimes made by people who had the courage to follow their passions. And Andy coaches you on how to find the work that you can be passionate about.

Elsewhere in the issue, Paul Callaghan continues his exploration of his passion, functional programming, and the irascible John Shade shows his poetic side.

Now available, free to read and share, from

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