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Genetic Algorithms and Machine Learning for Programmers, in print

January 16, 2019

Machine learning is one of the hottest topics in the industry right now, but for all the high-level think pieces written about it, there's not a lot of information about how to write the code that makes machine learning possible, especially for beginners. Genetic Algorithms and Machine Learning for Programers fills that gap with clear, usable examples in C++, Python, and JavaScript. Learn about genetic algorithms, swarm behavior, and Monte Carlo simulations.

Whether you're interested in applying machine learning for your business, want to update your skills, or just want to know what all the noise is about, you can boost your machine learning knowledge and get some hands-on practice. Now in print from

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Genetic Algorithms and Machine Learning for Programmers: Create AI Models and Evolve Solutions

Discover machine learning algorithms with a handful of self-contained recipes. Build a repertoire of algorithms, discovering terms and approaches that apply generally. Bake intelligence into your algorithms, guiding them to discover good solutions to problems.

Use heuristics and design fitness functions, build genetic algorithms, and make nature-inspired swarms with ants, bees, and particles. Create Monte Carlo simulations, investigate cellular automata, and find minima and maxima using hill climbing and simulated annealing. Try selection methods, including tournament and roulette wheels, and learn about heuristics, fitness functions, metrics, and clusters.

Test your code and get inspired to try new problems. Work through scenarios to code your way out of a paper bag, an important skill for any competent programmer. See how the algorithms explore and learn by creating visualizations of each problem. Learn the language professionals use and get inspired to design your own machine learning projects.

Now available in print from

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